1. zubanel says

    Everyone knows it’s more important to pick the jewelry you live with and the people you live with. Besides the jewelry will end up being more valuable than the husband when it gets sewn into a garment so it can be used to buy her way out of her arrangement once the oppression really gets going.Girls, buy a lot of small valuables rather than one big one so you won’t lose everything if he finds your hiding spot.

  2. Brony says

    What?!?!? I just, how…
    Advertising is normally one of the most deceptive, hyperbolic things I have seen come out of our collective behavior. After all you need to do some serious bullshit to make most products like scented liquids and sprays or anything else seem like they will utterly and completely change everything forever in the best way possible. This just makes outrage spin past the end of the scale into something I don’t feel too often.

  3. suttkus says

    The implication seems to be that this is an advertisement in India… but then why is it in English?

  4. miraxpath says

    Them Indians do speak some English. They have stuff like English media TV channels and newspapers. Astounding right? In fact some of the best writers of English are Indian.

  5. miraxpath says

    Yes, I know how parochial some on FTB are but this remark is astonishing by any standards.

  6. MadHatter says

    but then why is it in English?

    You do realize that English is often the only common language in India?

    I had it explained to me by an Indian colleague that a woman’s jewellery was her safety net financially, and so owning a wearing a lot was a good thing. Because otherwise none of the family wealth (property etc) is hers should her husband die.

    I’m still a little confused by it, but I had the impression that it’s a little bit like buying gold or silver coins instead of putting money in the bank.

  7. Joe says

    I am an Indian.English is the common language understood by people from all parts of India and most of the advertisements in cities are in English.This may surprise some.But true.India is a vast country with a lot of people, and people not acquainted with the country or its history in some depth may find it difficult to comprehend its diversity in most everything ( difficult to make a comprehensive list).

  8. sambarge says

    I like the refreshing honesty of the ad. It’s way better than the western ads that suggest buying a diamond is about love and not about lining the pockets of diamond companies. This ad says that love has nothing to do with it but the jewels will hold you in good stead so make sure you pick them well.

  9. Kevin Kehres says

    So, I guess the question is…what is the expectation for the man to buy jewelry for his property wife?

  10. Brony says

    I guess that’s a point, if the woman has control over her jewelry. It still feels, parasitic? I’m having trouble finding the right word.

  11. anat says

    Kevin Kehres, can’t say for India, but among Mizrahi Jews of older generations men buy their wives conspicuously expensive jewelry as an act of social signaling and expression of confidence in the stability of their marriage (because that’s an expense they will not recover in a divorce). And women of this subculture wear such conspicuous jewelry everywhere, regardless of activity. Not as common in my generation.

  12. johnthedrunkard says

    Pardon me. This conversation has been tagged as ‘Orientalist’ by the HuffPo police.

  13. Brony says

    @ johnthedrunkard
    Where? I’m curious. People do in fact discuss parts of other cultures in insensitive and self-centered or self-interested ways that ignore or distort who they are as people, but it is abused by privileged people in those communities that have their own problems with people who want to reduce suffering or equalize power.

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