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Ed is underwhelmed by Peter Boghossian.


I have to agree with Taylor Carr’s assessment of Peter Boghossian and his often simpleminded and childish jabs at religion. I think he’s an example of exactly what we don’t need in atheism, someone who is content with making the lowest common denominator insult rather than the thoughtful criticism. A perfect example is this recent Tweet:

Being published in the philosophy of religion should disqualify one from sitting at the adult table.

Uh, no. Making a stupid statement like that disqualifies one from sitting at the adult table.

Funny he should mention it, because I’ve disputed one or two of Boghossian’s tweets for the same kind of reason – they can be oversimplified and crude in the manner of Dawkins at his Twitter worst. I’ve even done a post about one such tweet, and there are lots of informative comments. Damn you guys are good.

More from Taylor Carr’s assessment:

I’ve seen a few comments on Facebook calling Boghossian “our version” of young earth creationists, saying that he almost seems like a viral marketing gimmick for the God’s Not Dead film. To this I’ll add that he’s like the Deepak Chopra of atheism. Chopra is a new age ‘guru’ who spouts wisdom that’s eaten up by his followers, yet is less wisdom than it is gibberish. In similar fashion, Boghossian plays to an audience that he knows, one that disdains anything and everything remotely connected to religion. These “cultured despisers” of religion, as Schleiermacher once called them, are quite happy to agree with whatever fits the us vs. them narrative they’ve constructed, along with its clear emphasis on the inherent and unavoidable evils of religion, while little things like arguments, facts, and honest dialogue take a backseat.

Don’t be the Deepak Chopra of anything.


  1. says

    Ed is underwhelmed by Peter Boghossian.

    Yes, and I agree with Ed.

    John Loftus has been pushing Boghossian’s ideas for a while now, but they have seemed too simplistic.

    However, it’s a big world and some people might find the ideas persuasive.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    Maybe Boghossian can sit in the little chairs in the preschool classroom and offer to help the atheism beginners.

  3. Silentbob says

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about. He’s one of the World’s Great Minds and a Thought Leader. I saw it on a website.

  4. lee delay says

    Just be glad you haven’t had to deal with him as he’s been “up and coming” >_>
    He’s from the uni I went to and between the student group there and my year on our CFI board I got real tired of him.

  5. says

    One of Boghossian’s articles was the motivation for that guest post/status update I wrote a few days ago, Ophelia. Colour me not-impressed as well.

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