The missing 200+

Richard Attias at the Huffington Post points out the lack of coverage of the kidnapping of more than 100 schoolgirls in Borno, Nigeria.

The Western media has made barely a mention of this story and appears resigned to ignore this abduction, which is an act of terror and unprecedented barbarism against these students whose only crime was to go to school.

That’s actually not true. It may be true of US media, but it’s not true of for instance the BBC World Service – it was the top story on Wednesday and it got a lot of minutes. He probably had no idea how much coverage there was in French, German, Swedish, Spanish etc etc media. Be careful  not to say “Western” when you mean “US.”

But anyway, if the US media are ignoring it, that stinks.

The World Service said yesterday that Nigeria had had to adjust the number way upward – they were now saying it was over 200 girls.

It’s awful.


  1. Seth says

    It has nothing to do with American oligarchs’ interests. The American news media are owned by American oligarchs. Ipso facto…

  2. Katherine Woo says

    Don’t feel bad Nigeria. Us dirty g___s do not matter to the white, Western, liberal media either.

    Hundreds of Korean school kids were missing and had probably died in a horrific ferry incident. Meanwhile Huffington Post had one of the Koch Bros. as it its headline photo and the attached story had 1,000+ comments to under a dozen for the Korean ferry incident.

    Huffington Post is full of theatrical displays of how global, how racially-sensitive, how anti-sexist they are (like most ‘progressives’). Yet this story from Nigeria has not appeared anywhere on the main page in recent days and the ferry tragedy has been down the page somewhere at every point.

    It sickens and outrages me.

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