Why women have to stfu

Deeply stupid man explains that women can’t do things like talk and give lectures in public because come on, guys, keep it real. Imagine a woman giving you a lecture. Imagine it! Are you going to listen to what she’s saying? Please! You’re not going to look at her as if she’s a wall unless you’re a wall. Amirite?


  1. suttkus says

    Wow, that sure is sexist… against Muslim men. Seriously, stop insulting the brothers! They are, in fact, capable of acting like adult, rational human beings!

    You’ve got to love how he claims things are impossible that, in fact, happen quite regularly.

  2. Jackie, all dressed in black says

    Yep. Men claiming men are less capable of appreciating others based on their ideas and skills because they are men is pretty insulting to men. But, that’s patriarchy for you. It hurts everyone.

  3. iknklast says

    I’m a woman. I teach ag classes. Ag classes are mainly men (now getting women as well, but still in the minority, partially because sexism claims women can’t be farmers). The men in my classes have to listen if they want to pass my class and go on to become the proud owners of an Agriculture degree. They listen to me, and they learn from me. Most of them even learn to respect me. Not all men are clueless like this guy seems to think.

  4. Jacob Schmidt says

    The lack of self awareness is hilarious.

    I’m starting to think that some men just feel inadequate, and feel the need to project that onto to women.

  5. moarscienceplz says

    I TOTALLY get this. This “brother” is so right! If a speaker has an appearance that is distracting to me, then it is the speaker’s obligation to either remove the distraction or, better yet, don’t give the speech. For example, I couldn’t focus on this “brother’s” subject because I was horrified/fascinated by that unkempt mass of hair cradling his lower face. I used all my willpower, but I just COULD NOT keep my eyes from drifting to that lower portion of his anatomy.
    So, sorry to say, but this “brother” must refrain from ever again speaking in my presence, either in RL or online. I know he may find this frustrating, but Allah has given me only so much mental focus, so obviously I cannot be expected to listen to the “brother” seriously.

  6. rq says

    They more they are told that they are unable to concentrate and focus on the “purity of a [woman’s] speech”, the less they will believe themselves capable of it… A bit self-perpetuating, no?

  7. says

    So, the “brothers” are incapable of the most basic self-control, while the “sisters” apparently have no trouble restraining themselves. And according to him, the proper response to this situation is to tell all the sensible people to shut up and leave all the public speaking to the horny bastards with zero impulse control.

    Makes perfect sense.

  8. Doubting Thomas says

    I was focusing on that stupid hat, beard and whinny voice while looking for the stop button, myself.

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