Jesus and Mo and the Black Egg

Author has his response.


Damn right. By doing that stupid, stupid, stupid thing yesterday Channel 4 simply re-enforced the stereotype that all Muslims are enraged bullies who demand the power to silence anything they dislike.


  1. Scr... Archivist says

    Does anyone honestly believe that these depictions of Mohammed are an act of idolatry? Isn’t that what the rule is trying to prevent?

  2. says

    Ahhhhhhh no that’s not the point of The Rules at all. The point of The Rules is just to show off one’s virtuosic skills at Obeying The Rules and to bully everyone who Obeys The Rules less than virtuosically.

  3. markr1957 says

    But, but, but …. keeping both sides angry IS the plan!

    As long as everybody white is angry at everybody brown and vice-versa, both sides forget who the real enemies of peace and tranquility are, while some people just get richer and richer out of supplying both sides of the war.

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