Counter to the goals of the wider atheist movement

PZ on his own post on Justicar’s latest jeu d’esprit:

You know what also annoys me about this? It’s explicitly counter to the goals of the wider atheist movement, in which we want people to step forward publicly and be the face of atheism. Look at that story about Gage Pulliam, for instance: he went public despite public opprobrium for atheists.

Jen puts her name and face up front for the cause. Regressive asshole atheists use that to harass her personally.

And conversely, this coward Justicar/Integralmath hides behind a pseudonym, bragging about how careful he is to keep his identity covered, while sniping at the atheists who have more guts than he does. You wanna know why he and other slymers are poison? Because they don’t stand up for any cause. They’re dead spots in the movement.

Precisely. We want atheists to be out. Jen is out, Rebecca is out, Amy is out, Melody is out, Greta is out, I am out. Justicar, on the other hand, is not out. Yet he uses his non-outness to harass us, for being out while female.

Counter to the goals of the wider atheist movement. Big time.


  1. Woo_Monster, Sniffer of Starfarts says

    Counter to the goals of the wider atheist movement. Big time.

    True, but his actions are consistent with the goals of the wider anti-feminist/anti-woman movement.

  2. says

    Justicar is busy flinging poo at anyone who tries to limit his ability to fling poo. I’ve never seen him do anything constructive. I’m not an accommodationist, but if he treats theists that way, he’ll just give atheists a bad name. It’s not as though he’s flinging facts and logic – just poo.

  3. Ant (@antallan) says

    I’d long ago concluded that Justicar is not really (solely) a misogynist, he just treats everyone who (he) disagrees with (him) like shit.


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