Failure to comprehend

I don’t understand.

Eleven years ago, Farida Bano was circumcised had her genitals mutilated by an aunt on a bunk bed in her family home at the end of her 10th birthday party.

The mutilation occurred not in Africa, where the practice is most prevalent, but in India where a small Muslim sub-sect known as the Dawoodi Bohra continues to believe that the removal of the clitoris is the will of God.

I don’t understand, because if they think God wants the clitoris removed, how do they explain God’s putting it there in the first place?


  1. Randomfactor says

    Because like the foreskin, if it weren’t there how would you be able to remove it?

  2. Sili says

    Well, God didn’t have a clitoris, did he now? Women should be grateful that we menz do our best to help them be made more in His image.

  3. emily isalwaysright says

    Do they have some kind of scriptural “justification” for this? Doesn’t the Quran and the sunnah forbid body modification?

  4. Francis Boyle says

    It’s a test. It’s always are test. And whether you pass or fail you always lose. Religion’s neat like that.

  5. says

    “how do they explain God’s putting it there in the first place?”
    In todays climate that would be considered a ‘gotcha’ question and the distraction would proceed to whether the question is fair and not the question it’s self.

  6. mnb0 says

    Try: “God hates women”.

    Or rather, as this gives god the honour of existing, “a few men with way too much lust for power invented a god who is supposed to hate women.”
    Because the stupid idea of course is that women who can’t enjoy sex will not run away with better lovers and will remain faithful. God serves the needs of men with inferiority complexes.

  7. fredbloggs says

    I don’t understand why genital mutilation OF ANY KIND (except for sound medical reasons) is legal in any country, but let’s not forget it’s happening every day in Western countries and is sanctioned by the legal system. (I have heard reports of FGM being carried out by doctors in the UK, which is nothing short of appalling)

    Can anyone explain to me why it isn’t assault? If I performed the same act on an adult human being without their consent, I’m fairly sure I receive a fairly severe custodial sentence.

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