Blag Hag Grab Bag 8/15/2013

Congratulations to my labmate for her successful dissertation defense today! She now officially has the coolest name ever – Dr. Claw.


  1. Robert B. says

    She now officially has the coolest name ever – Dr. Claw.


    I know a chemist named Doctor Ferris. I know a professor who’s in charge of whether grad students get fellowship or TA funding, named Doctor Ransom. And of course the vector that indicates the direction of a photon’s travel was named after Doctor Poynting. But Doctor friggin Claw? That is the coolest name ever.

    Please tell me she’s a roboticist… no, wait, she’s your labmate. That means biology, right? Please tell me she studies, like, crabs or scorpions or lions or something.

  2. latsot says

    Dr Claw is a pretty awesome name. At my old university there was someone called Dean Apes, who I naturally assumed was Dean of Apes.

    Who wouldn’t want to be Dean of Apes?

  3. Parse says

    Congratulations to your labmate!
    Would Dr. Claw get M.A.D. if you got her a spiked gauntlet in recognition of her defense?
    (I can’t be the only person thinking of Inspector Gadget, can I?)

  4. says

    Photos of the Cul-Cul-Clan?

    Jeez, the US will soar to new heights of cultural and intellectual excellence, if those guys are in power some day…

  5. gussnarp says

    Yeah. Brian Dalton makes me sad. I could conceivably forgive him for wanting to defend his friend, and for basically choosing to believe Schermer over PZ. That is basically the choice most of us out here are faced with. But man, that bit about refusing another glass of wine…. if that kind of victim blaming shit plays in your defense in any way, then you are officially a terrible human being.

    Also, John Scalzi pretty much rules everything.

  6. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    Mr. Deity and the Victim-Blaming and Dismissiveness of Serious Allegations – Well, knock another idol off the pedestal. Disgusting and disappointing from someone I considered a friend.

    Can I take back shaking his hand at the Rapture Ram?

  7. says

    A shark within a shark! My great aunt’s husband is a professional scuba diver. Sometimes he would scuba dive and sharks would swim by. According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, some species of sharks apparently have eggs that hatch inside the mother because sharks commit intro-uterine cannibalism. They eat their brothers or sisters before being born! In today’s news, there’s a short video of a supposed 13-foot sea monster corpse washed up in Spain: . It’s apparently a mutated species of shark with scapulacoracoids. Um, what?

    left0ver1under, wow. I have a copy of one of those Histomaps that I bought from the Trumpet, Troll, or Scholastic Book Club in 1994-1995. I don’t know where I put it.

    Oh, Dr. Claw? There’s a Dr. Blood and a Dr. Leech in my home town.

  8. says

    Your comment about Dr. Claw made me laugh out loud. All I could think of an hour afterward was from the “Get Smart” television show:

    Maxwell Smart: Sooo. We meet again, Craw.
    Claw: (bad Chinese accent) My name not “Craw”! It “Craw”!!!

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