Geek Girl Con was a blast

This is only the second year for the completely volunteer-run Geek Girl Con, and I had a great time. There’s something liberating about going to a geeky con that recognizes your existence in its programming and its demographics. It actually feels strange for me to walk around a geeky con being part of the majority gender – a strange sense of security knowing that my odds of being randomly harassed or creeped on are greatly decreased. The most interesting part was probably listening to Anita Sarkeesian talk about the awful flood of harassment, rape threats, and death threats she has received…all because she made a Kickstarter to examine gender stereotypes in video games. I loved meeting random blog readers – thanks for saying hi!

I bought this delightfully geeky skirt from a blog reader, Tea Time Inc.

Pixel approves. I think.

I also bought some artwork from The Gorgonist Illustration:

 I ran into Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones:

And this little girl’s costume had to be my favorite:


  1. coyotenose says

    *facepalms* My wireless connection crapped out with only 1/4 of the first photo loaded, so I sat there for several very long seconds, eyebrow raised, thinking, “Is this a Boobquake joke I’m not getting?”

    The skirt is awesome, though. I have similar pajamas. :P But both make me sad for the same reason: the packaging features both male and female characters, but the product itself only has male characters.

  2. scrutationaryarchivist says

    I knew kids’ daemons could change shape, but I never thought they could be twice as tall as their people!

  3. F says

    What exactly is going on with that skirt? Captain America vs Godzilla? Whatever it is, it does look really cool.

  4. PatrickG says

    Totally OT, but just found out today you’re going to be at KFC on 10/6! One of my favorite bloggers within walking distance of my house!!!1!eleventy!one.

    I’ll be the one with a giant foam finger and an idiotic grin on his face.

  5. Chris says

    I disagree. He may have issues, but he is not delusional. I kind of like the guy. I sincerely hopes he finds his place.

  6. TenGalaxies says

    I had fun too! Seeing Anita Sarkeesian talk about the online harassment she’s received… and then Rebecca Watson… Amanda Marcotte… and then you… I’ve read about all this before, but hearing so many stories in person was still shocking. Some geek spaces (skepticism, pc and console gaming, comics) seem much worse than others (sci fi/fantasy lit, the tech industry) in terms of harassment. Wonder if they just happen to have better-organized harasser communities or if there’s some other difference.

    I’m used to going to slash fiction cons where there are zero to two men on average, so seeing a majority of women didn’t feel weird.

  7. Sandiseattle says

    Not that I’m a Law and Order guy, but I kinna keep thinking he’ll step over the line eventually. Time will tell I guess.
    (Totally really LOLd when The Stranger interviewed his “archenemy.”)

  8. Nikoel says

    He already did! He pepper sprayed some girl in the face for fighting with her boyfriend outside of a club.

  9. Nikoel says

    I so wish I could have gone this year! It was great meeting you on Friday, Jen. I was really glad you went to that.

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