Are you a current or former sex worker?

And are you sick of debates about sex work ignoring what you have to say? Are you sick of people asserting  that all sex work is violent and oppressive, and that sex workers are always forced into it? Well, Greta Christina wants to hear from you.


  1. anna says

    What if my particular experience with sex work was violent and oppressive (though I do NOT claim it always is.) Can I still post at Greta’s about it?

  2. hkdharmon says

    What a silly idea, asking the people involved what they think and feel about a situation. Who came up with that? It is much better to proclaim from afar. After all, that way one can make unemotional decisions. I am sure all the little people agree. ;)

  3. ohioobserver says

    I was reading Greta’s post and found the stories fascinating and very educational. One little bone to pick though, and that is that Greta’s sampling will introduce a bias in favor of sex workers who WANT to discuss their experience. I can imagine that there exist sex workers who will hold back for many reasons: fear, shame, protecting another person, or simply that they consider their experience unworthy of narrative. This doesn’t invalidate or criticize what Greta is doing. It’s just that we may not to draw too many conclusions from what she collects. We might be making too much stew from one oyster.

  4. Laura-Ray says

    I think the important point Greta’s trying to make is that there are people who have had undeniably good experiences with sex work. She also wants to hear from people who haven’t, because they too deserve to be heard. But mostly, I think she’s just encouraging people to think of sex work from the perspective of people who actually do it, rather than judging from afar. It’s not a survey on whether or not sex work is generally good or bad. More of a forum in which sex workers can actually say shit without a bunch of assholes telling them how they should/do feel about it XD

  5. Mark says

    Off topic, but I found an interesting topic that someone at FtB might like to blog about.

    A small, survey-based study conducted in the Middle East suggested that Arab men would not accept men of other nationalities performing CPR on their wives, or exposing their chest for a defibrillator. The women surveyed, however, had no concerns as to the sex or race of their rescuer.

    The study was presented by Orlando Merrigan, an Irish nurse, at the World Congress of Cardiology meeting on 20th April in Dubai.
    It was reported at http://www.the (a cardiology education site for medical staff), see http://www.the heart/article/


  6. Greta Christina says

    What if my particular experience with sex work was violent and oppressive (though I do NOT claim it always is.) Can I still post at Greta’s about it?

    Yes. Absolutely. I want to hear from anyone who’s worked in the industry who wants to tell about their experiences — whether those experiences are good, bad, or neutral/ mixed.

  7. says

    I’ve gotta agree. Any sharing of any personal experience, good bad, or indifferent only serves to broaden knowledge and ultimately(or rather hopefully)educate. All human experience has some relevance…if nothing more than(again, hopefully) helping to foster(albeit, for theshy,somewhat…voyuristically) that most important of human traits: empathy.

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