1. fullyladenswallow says

    “…well, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”

    “Yes, but this one’s trying to eat my popcorn!”

  2. Prof.Pedant says

    Farmer, P. J. (1979). Image of the beast. New York: Playboy Press.

    There is also a sequel to it titled ‘Blown’ that is a bit stranger….. Unfortunately neither the Seattle Public Library or the University of Washington has a copy of “Image of the Beast”. Nor does any library in the Summit consortium appear to have a copy. It is available through Interlibrary Loan from a number of libraries though.

  3. Jaime says

    Quelle coincidence – I just received my one volume edition of IMAGE OF THE BEAST/BLOWN via Amazon just t’other day. Total cost w/ shipping – less than $10.00. Yes, it’s twelve kinds of weird. I’m surprised Farmer wasn’t run out of the writing biz (or even the country) on a rail…

  4. carpenterman says

    You know… I’m used to being regarded as something of an oddball in most social situations. But I’m beginning to realize I still have much to learn.

  5. nemothederv says

    Out of context eh?
    I’m having a great deal of fun speculating as to what information I’m missing.

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