That’s all you got, Ken Ham?

Allow me a moment to gloat.

Ken Ham is bragging about how much traffic his various anti-science websites have received in the past year, and how much they’ve improved from the year before. Let’s ignore for a moment that a good chunk of that traffic is people showing up to giggle at his wackiness and just look at the numbers:

• In 2010, the Answers in Genesis main website had more than 10 million visits for the first time (10,225,465 visits, previously 8,726,503–a 17% growth) from more than 5 million unique visitors (5,445,617 unique visitors, previously 4,650,206–a 17% growth).

• The Creation Museum website had more than 1 million visits for the first time (1,079,290 visits, previously 899,890–a 19.9% growth).

• The Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) website had more than 100,000 visits for the first time (110,767 visits, previously 34,231–a 223% growth), with almost half a million page views (476,551 page views, previously 122,301–a 289% growth).

Alright, Answers in Genesis has me beat – even though Pharyngula‘s traffic dwarfs it. But I owned the Creation Museum. One million visits? Blag Hag had 2,316,028 visits during it’s second year of existence. It had 344,158 visits it’s first year – a 573% growth. And when you look at page views, I had a 791% growth.

Oh, and Answers Vacation Bible School? Psshhh. I beat you in a single day – 261,474 on the day of boobquake. The following day beat you too.

Even if you factor out all of my boobquake traffic, I still got over a million visits this year and a 295% growth. Me. A godless science student with a free Blogger account, some opinions, and a little bit a free time. I outpaced your multi-million dollar, highly advertised, anti-science “Museum.”

Two words:

Wah wah.


  1. says

    oh snap. To be fair, his target audience is not as likely as yours to roam the wilds of the internet… or really do much reading in general.

  2. says

    He-he. I love this. Shouldn’t God be on Ken Ham’s side, helping him succeed? I guess God’s help is not as powerful as godless science students’ blogs.

  3. abadidea says

    I would love to get a figure of how many of his hits are rubbernecking intellectual tourists. “Look honey, creationists!””See Jacques, I told you a vacation in America would be interesting!”

  4. Dennis says

    I know several of his hits were mine. I go there sometimes when I need some comedic relief. I guess I’ll have to get my laughs somewhere else; wouldn’t want him to think he has another convert.

  5. ckitching says

    I wonder how many are from links followed from PZ’s blog. He has linked to AiG or Ham’s pages quite frequently. I’m going to guess it’s a double-digit percentage.

  6. says

    You also have a better idea of who is reading your blog on a regular basis (at least those who respond to detailed, scientific-oriented surveys on this blog).

  7. abadidea says

    Oh, let him think he has a convert. Because then, when he expects everyone to rally to his side, they won’t.

  8. Annie says

    I just went to the link you supplied… now he thinks he has even more followers! I love his banner of the brontosaurus looking over Springbok!! How’s that for presenting the impossible?

  9. says

    This is the best news I’ve had all day. I’m glad you posted this-semibragging that it may be…You totally deserve the credit. Jen, you don’t know me from Adam, but I feel like a proud mama…:)

  10. says

    I at least used the rel=”nofollow” bit of html (like I do when linking to any sort of horrible site) so I won’t boost the link’s ranking in search engines. Rather be honest and give him a couple hits, unlike him where he doesn’t link to anything.

  11. says

    Now, if you can sell a product using your Boobquake traffic, you can beat Ham in making money and then use the money to launch more attacks on religion. ;-)

  12. says

    Wonder what the ratio of atheists/skeptics/rationalists/etc/etc/… going to creationist/ID/crazypeople/etc/etc/… sites vs the other way around is? I suspect the confirmation bias is rather high.

  13. docslacker says

    just because your blog is more interesting, informative, and better written, you think it gives you the right to gloat? oh, yes, it does. heeheehee.

  14. says

    i’m just throwing out that i would like propose to you – be my internet wife?: ] just for that supremely placed “wah wah.”Sad Trombone!

  15. says

    I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks , I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

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