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    Awesome video and really catchy music too. Although I’m straight myself, I fully support the “It Gets Better” campaign particular because of what Rebecca says at the end. I wish someone had told me this when I was getting bullied in high school because I was the computer nerd of the school back when it wasn’t popular to be so.

  2. plublesnork says

    Heard this earlier today. Musically I can take or leave it, but the message in the song, and especially the message at the end during the credits are important. Shared. Hopefully it’ll be seen by a few more people.

  3. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Scrooge Fuckin’ McDuck

    Hmmmm.Shouldn’t that be “Scrooge McFuckin’ Duck”?

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    I love that • 1e100!! (That is, of course, “1 times ten to the one hundredth power factorial exclamation point”. Exclamation point.)Now, for a science-topic countervailing downer, listen to Act 2 of this week’s This American Life (#424, Kid Politics) in which a climate science discusses AGW with two teenaged Glenn Beck fans.

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    I wasn’t so much bullied in high school as I was generally disliked for being a long haired guy and a liberal (being physically larger than most of the rednecks helped with the bullying part), but I’ve never forgotten the ridicule and torment heaped upon some of the more “different” students. I learned to hate that kind of closed minded ignorance and found out that the relationships that I’ve made as an adult are infinitely more valuable to me than the ones I made in high school. It does, in fact, get better.

  6. J. Mark says

    I like the line about Shannon….she is brilliant, smart, funny, talented…but to them she’s only gay…The “churchy” folks either don’t realize how much harm they are doing to the GLTG community, or they just don’t care…This puts a face on the best of human qualities….will they ever get it? No, they’re too hung up on what they THINK their God is telling them…….

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    I’m a former teacher and a very good one. I applaud the Gets Better campaign but for a kid a year is a very, very long time. Think percentage. If you’re ten, a year is 10% of your life. Get to your local school board and drive that point home. Write a letter to the editor. Call a meeting at your library. Remember how a day seemed like an eternity when you were a teen. It’s that percentage thing at work. On another note, you might like this op/ed piece I wrote regarding our newly proposed Arkpark here in KY courtesy of Ken Ham. Great blog.

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    Mark, I’m always amazed at how people can’t see that we create God in our own image. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all move from the concept of an angry, jealous God, as some sort of super accountant, ledgering in debits and credits.


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