More quotes from the lab

There’s another first year graduate student rotating in the same lab that I’m rotating in, though he’s working on a different project from me. How do our projects differ, you ask?

1st Year: *talking to another labmate about something completely off topic*
Post doc: Hey, that’s five minutes you just wasted that could have gone toward curing autism!
Me: That’s why I’m not studying autism.
Post doc: *laughs* So you can waste as much time as you like?
Me: Yep. Evolution’s not going anywhere!

Joking aside, I actually have been getting a lot of work done. For the fellow biologists: I run my first microarray on Tuesday! For the non-biologists: I get to do cool nerdy stuff I haven’t done before!

This is why I don’t consider myself a science blogger. Too lazy.


  1. Dae says

    Yay for microarrays! I start research as soon as I recover from the last part of my qualifying exams tomorrow, and I’ve got a lovely microarray printer sitting in the lab waiting to be my baby. (I’m in a brand new research group; my prof’s first student is only a year ahead of me and she’s working on something different, so this is really going to be an interesting exercise.) And an undergrad minion, too. Muahaha!

  2. Maudgalyan says

    I am just playing with my first round of NGS data. RNA-Seq to be exact. The analysis is turning out to be a bit more involved than the stuff I did for microarrays…

  3. says

    Coming from the humanities, I can say that I think anything micro and anything with an array is probably seriously awesome. You probably won’t have to use post-modern gibberish in your write-up either, which makes me drool with envy.

  4. Aardvark Cheeselog says

    Sometimes reading this blog is like watching a kitten play with a ball of string.

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