I'm going to HUMP tonight!

…I mean the noun, not the verb! HUMP is Dan Savage’s brainchild – an amateur porn film festival right here in Seattle. I’m super excited. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been before says it’s amazing – you know it’s going to be good when there’s a prize for “Best Humor.” And I hear the gays usually outdo the breeders, which is even better.

I still think a graduate school themed porno is just begging to be made. Think of the possibilities:

Student A: Sigh, another night all alone in the lab.
Student B: *knock knock* I have a reagent delivery for you… in my pants.
Student A: Oh yeah baby, make me matriculate! *six years later* Almost… there…

It would give a whole new meaning to “interdisciplinary collaborations.”

Feel free to amuse yourself with amusing graduate school themed innuendos and title suggestions in the comments.


  1. Xorthon says

    Reading this reminds me of the chorus to that song:”You and me baby, aint nuthin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel…” and so on.

  2. Aravind says

    Student A: It is not working.Student B: Yeah, can’t build up the mood.Student A: We should talk to the advisor.

  3. says

    Heh, I could really use a “reagent delivery.” But the statistics and paper writing I’ve been doing are killing the dream.HUMP sounds like a good time!

  4. Hedone says

    Oh boy! I think you’re on to something. Student A: I’d like to register for the “dual program” course.Registrar: Fine young lady. You’ll have to submit to an intensive oral interview as your entrance exam.Student A: I don’t mind, my oral skills are my strength. Will it be videotaped?Registrar:

  5. says

    Phonetics-based instructions on cunnilingus. I can see it now.”Voice that fricative on my clit! Liquid, then trill!””Baby, when I’m done with you you’ll be showing me your ɤ face.”

  6. rabbitpirate says

    Ha, me and a lady friend of mine have been using scientific terminology in place of more traditional sexy talk for some time now. It makes flirting just as sexy, but much more humorous.

  7. pontecanis says

    Reminds me of the story of the grad student who went to his MD to have bilateral patellar spongiform growths investigated…he thought it might have been carpet-surfer’s knobs, but the doc informed him it was oral-dependent knees!!!

  8. says

    Sorry, no grad school/sciencey porn ideas here. But one boozy night around the fire at an Atheist campout we came up with some ideas for Old Testament porn – lots of material there!

  9. says

    My husband, who is not a bio geek, will porn-ize anything I say. “Oooh, amplify me, baby.”I won second place in a Stranger amateur written porn contest (self-read for the finalists) at the ReBar back when I lived up there. My trophy is an engraved Stranger hip flask that I still treasure (and is full of booze and in the freezer).

  10. Dae says

    My fellow chemical engineering first-years and I want to start a guild in (SW:TOR when it launches) and call it “Rotating Shaft Work.” Also, a gem from my kinetics prof: Spontaneous emission is when a particle does it by itself, in the dark. (Stimulated emission needs no explanation…)

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