Happy Birthday to me

I’m 23 years old, woo! Sort of a nondescript birthday, really. I feel old in some social circles, young in others, and I still can’t get a rental car without paying special insurance. Not to mention I’ve been so excited about the magazine article and the book, the whole “Earth returning to the same position around the Sun” thing isn’t as exciting in comparison.

And honestly, I’m a little apprehensive. The last time my birthday fell on election day was when I turned 17. That was in 2004. You know, when George W. Bush got reelected.

Worst. Birthday gift. Ever.

So the fact that Republicans are aiming for a massive victory and too many of those are crazy Teabaggers… Well, I’m nervous. If there’s one thing I’m superstitious about, it’s that Fate exists and he takes sick pleasure in electing crazy people on my birthday.

American readers: For my birthday present, I want you to go vote, preferably for the lesser of the two evils.

And for everyone else… I dunno, leave me amusing comments so I can have a pick me up after the inevitable depressing election results tonight. Or tell a friend about any female atheist bloggers you like – after my last post, that would really make my day!


  1. Inthane says

    Ugh, me and my big fat mouse button. I share your dismay over the election, and did what I could to fix it, which is to say I voted, made loud noises, and otherwise not a whole lot of anything actually useful. Illegitimi non carbonundrum; get out there and enjoy the day.

  2. says

    CONGRATULATIONS ON NOT DYING YET! I already voted by mail, and made sure it was only for those with D next to their name. Hoping Meg doesn’t win….(in california….)

  3. Grant Gordon says

    Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a fantastic day, and may I suggest avoiding the election results until tomorrow? Much more likely to have a good day. I’ll have a beer for you this side of the world (Any excuse to drink :P)

  4. mcbender says

    Happy birthday. Let’s hope the election results don’t turn out too dismally… but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. says

    Happy birthday! I find it weird that you’re only a month older than me, what with the whole “I’m both famous AND almost a doctor” thing. Still – always good to find another 1987 baby…truly, the greatest generation :p

  6. The Artful Nudger says

    Happy Birthday – though it doesn’t directly affect those of us in the Great White North, the example of G-dub was enough to convince our own irrational Right to come out in droves, and that gave us Harper.So vote rational, people!And have cake, Jen and Inthane.

  7. says

    If you truly want to waste your money on me, there’s a donate button in the upper left. But well wishes are nice enough :)

  8. Stoopidtallkid says

    ‘Lesser of 2 evils’ sums up my feelings on this election perfectly. Democracy now seems to be about choosing how you’ll be screwed.

  9. Hipopotamo says

    Hippo Birdie Two ewes! Well, I obviously cannot vote, but will use my psychic powers to influence the outcome <tongue <br=”” cheek)=”” firmly=”” in=””>Anyway, your birthday happens to be on the Day of the Dead, so, another thing to ponder…Best wishes from the Hippopotamus</tongue>

  10. says

    Wish you the very best today! Something good enough to make you forget the elections! Uhmmmm… what would be the best, though? I KNOW! What about crossing Alan Rickman on the street? I wish you that!!!! If you manage, I want photos!

  11. says

    Happy birthday and I hope that, if nothing else, here in WA, we can buy our liquor in grocery stores (read: Costco) to drown our sorrows if necessary.

  12. ag says

    ** Continuing … Indiana, where I am told voters will likely pass a referendum to constitutionalize a property tax cap. No we never learn any lessons from California or elsewhere. Sigh. Hope this does not ruin your birthday! I am hoping that measure will fail but the one to restore school funding in our county will succeed (though dishonest bastards are calling it a tax increase and/or suddenly asking for accountability to **restore** funding to pre-Mitch-Daniels’ levels.

  13. bob42 says

    Happy birthday. You’re as old as my younger daughter. I hope that makes you feel young, cuz it makes me feel old. ;)The pubbies and the tea baggers are going to have a good day, especially here in Texas, but I’ll get over it. Fortunately, not all of the fruitcake candidates will prevail.

  14. A-M says

    My best friend and I spent our whole 23rd year singing ‘nobody likes you cos you’re 23’ at each other. Does that make you feel better or worse?

  15. Noelley B says

    Happy birthday! I got you a ballot mailed last week, a modest paypal donation, and a link from my facebook!I love Washington’s mail-in ballot system. I was looking at three different voters’ guides as I filled out my ballot while sitting on the couch.

  16. Livingonsteak says

    There is never a lesser of two evils. And I still don’t get why people hate Bush so much, he’s just a politician and therefore no different from any/every other politician. He just talks funnier, which makes him amusing to watch.My birthday gift to is, I will not aid in the continued failures of a broken government system!

  17. Eremon says

    Happy Birthday! As a gift, you may now return to your regularly scheduled medicare and erectile dysfunction ads for a few months until the 2012 campaign begins in ernest. More seriously: you rock! Everybody gets born… not many do as much with it, as quickly. Thanks!

  18. says

    Happy birthday, Jen! It’s my birthday too, and I am right there with you on the 2004 election. I was also terribly sick with a sinus infection, and all I wanted for my birthday was a new President, goddammit. I got a turtleneck sweater instead, and I don’t wear turtlenecks. Ha-fucking-ha, Fate.Can’t wait to see what today brings. But hey, cake!

  19. says

    Happy Anniversary of Womb Evacuation! I just turned 23 two days ago. 1987 babies are the best. I’ll be voting today after class. I’ll do everything I can to make your birthday not suck. :) (as much as I can in Nebraska anyway. *sigh*)

  20. Ian says

    Happy Birthday! Remember, there’s always Canada (although we do have Bush light still in office).

  21. Chabneruk says

    Happy Birthday to you (or as a less-known German song goes: “Viel Glück und viel Segen auf all deinen Wegen” (Lots of luck and blessings on all your ways!)

  22. says

    23 is not non-descript. It is the tenth anniversary of your thirteenth birthday! OK, so maybe I am the only one who makes up silly reasons to celebrate every birthday. But it works for me! :)Either way, I hope that your birthday will be fantastic.

  23. Georgia Sam says

    > American readers: For my birthday present, I want you to go vote, preferably for the lesser of the two evils.You got it! Happy birthday and many happy returns!

  24. JM says

    Me, too. I was pregnant with someone currently going gray-haired! And things have changed a little. I voted for a Green candidate today! I’ve never gotten to do that before. And gay marriage is an issue, abortion is legal, women don’t have to take their husband’s names by law, there’s no more prayer in public schools, etc. Don’t give up; all these things have happened since I came of age. Better yet, my mom’s 88 and she’s cool with all of it!

  25. says

    Happy birthday! I hope we have something better for you this year. I did my part.I was directed to this blog from a PZ Myers link. I currently live in California, but I was in Seattle from ’99 to ’06 – I did my graduate work in Immunology at the UW, and worked in a neuro lab there for a while. I miss it greatly; I hope you’re enjoying it!

  26. thx1183 says

    Happy birthday!And a word of advice from someone whose seen a few more elections than you (my first vote was for Dukakis in 1988) – don’t watch the coverage on election night. Wait until the next morning to read the news. Despite what the press (and the people paying for advertising time) would like you to think, there is no need to know the results ZOMG! right this instant. Legally, they have a few weeks to tabulate the results.One of the things that bugged me about the 2000 recount situation was the sense that if we didn’t know the results right away, something was WRONG. That is complete bullshit. These people’s terms don’t start until January. There is no urgency and no reason to rush things. And if people stop paying attention to election night coverage based on exit polls, maybe the exit pollsters would go out of business.

  27. says

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, We’re all related to monkeys, and some of us look like them too!!!!Happy birthday and may you have many more in your future!

  28. says

    Well, Jen–it looks like we got screwed again for our birthday. I’m about to quit counting birthdays that are on Election Day. What say you? It’ll also have the virtue of making our ages lower.

  29. Rollingforest says

    There’s always a silver lining. The Tea Party scared voters enough in Colorado, Delaware, and Nevada enough to elect Democrats, those allowing the Dems to keep the Senate. Also a Republican house will make Democrats much more motivated to vote in 2012 to stop them from doing what they will try to do in the next 2 years. This could help Obama win reelection.

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