The Onion’s religious commentary is always hilarious

“If I Hadn’t Found Jesus, I’d Feel Pretty Shitty About My Crimes”

…until you remember it’s funny because there’s a hint of truth to what they’re saying. Then it’s kind of depressing. Hm.


  1. says

    A quote from Ellis in the game Left4Dead2 about a friend of his being horribly maimed comes to mind;”At first it was funny, then it just got sad, but then it got funny again!”That’s pretty much all of the Onion’s articles to me.

  2. LS says

    Reminds me of being a typical angsty teenager, thinking about killing myself. And thinking “Well, I’ll burn in hell for suicide no matter what, so I might as well kill as many people as I can if I do it!

  3. Thomas W says

    This sounds like some of the “feeling good about your problem” secular psychology of not too many years ago.

  4. Paragon83 says

    Actually I used to work in a jail and I have heard variations on this directly from people who had done things as horrible as in one case spend a drugged weekend torturing a baby. It seems most commonly to come from the child molesters.

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