Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a nerd

Mom: What do you imagine your wedding being like?
Me: …I kind of need someone to get married to first.
Mom: No, I mean, what would your dream wedding be like?
Me: I don’t really fantasize about my wedding. I don’t know, cheap.
Dad: Good, I raised you right. Now you won’t be the type who gets married too early just because you’re in love with the idea of getting married.
Mom: *disappointed look*
Me: I guess if I had an infinite amount of money, I would chose a really cool place to have it in. Like in a Natural History Museum.
Mom: …With dinosaurs and mummies and stuff?
Me: Yeah! I mean, how cool would that be, to get married under a giant fossilized skeleton of an ancient whale or something?
Mom: *look of horror and disgust*
Me: …Well I think it would be cool *pout*


  1. says

    I had my wedding at a local tourist trap.. my sister made my invitations and refused to put the full name of the place on the invites – “Castle Village Gift Shop and Dracula’s Dungeon”A museum would be cool too.. I’m thinking The Ontario Science Center would be awesome.

  2. kareth says

    That sounds like a great wedding idea to me.The first plan for my wife and I when we got married was to do it at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, they’ve got a package with a feast & a joust and all of that. However her fundamentalist sister objected and said if we had it there she wouldn’t bring my wife’s nephew because she didn’t want to expose him to “all those weirdos.” Rather than start off on a bad foot with family, and because her nephew is a cool kid and we wanted him to be there, we went with Plan B, which was getting married on the beach, a bit up the beach from where I had proposed to her.

  3. says

    That would be totally cool!My wife and I had our string trio play the Imperial March to start our recessional. Everyone under 35 laughed their asses off, everyone over 35 had no idea why.

  4. says

    If I ever find someone I want to marry, I’d love to do a themed wedding with us all in Napoleonic era uniforms. All the men would be dressed up as British redcoat officers and the ladies dressed in appropriate dresses. Of course, this will be after I win the lottery. :)My sensei for kenjutsu was very lucky. He found a fiance willing to dress up as Padme for their wedding.Hmmm… a Babylon 5 wedding theme would be cool as well. Get the guys dressed up as Centauri, hair and all, but then the female half of the equation would have to shave their heads. Might be hard to swing that one.

  5. beth says

    I have to tell you, I have a friend who loves dinosaurs and she got married in a museum. Well, the pictures do not look good becuase most of them are not taken around skeletons, etc. And so they just look like all her wedding photos are in some kind of cheap auditorium/office building not to mention bad fluorescent lights or too dark. Do not recommend.

  6. Zenlite says

    I don’t support marriage as an institution, but if I was going to do a dedication ceremony of some sort with a life mate, I’d want to do it at the new Academy of Sciences out here in San Francisco.

  7. Jrusch3 says

    I think that would be cool. Different but not totally off the wall like getting married in Walmart or Target. Now that is off the way!

  8. Oh Hi says

    My highschool class was absurdly close to having a PROM at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Alas, that would be the best prom on Earth.

  9. Valis says

    We had a Heavy Metal wedding, everyone dressed in black, including us ;) We were also tripping on acid and the minister was drunk! Our families were horrified. Ah, good times :)Ps. We also got kicked out of our reception, hehe.

  10. says

    My wife and I married in the backyard of her coach’s house for budget reasons. Having said that I have been to Theme weddings and special location weddings, and I love the idea. It is great fun for the guests…Jen, if you ever are in a position, go with the Theme, my friends have never regretted theirs!

  11. Pawnshopheart00 says

    I know its silly given the fact that I am an atheist but I really want a wedding a really big, gorgeous church with big stained glass windows and the works. Like a big cathedral. They are always so beautiful and I’m kind of a sucker for tradition. However, I highly doubt I’ll find somewhere that will let me have a very non religious wedding in their cathedral lol.

  12. says

    Awesome. There’s that science tattoo gallery, I wonder if there’s a geek wedding gallery?Pawnshopheart00: There are a few pubs in Ireland that used to be churches. Same in the UK I think. Might be an option.

  13. Sinbad says

    I was actually just talking to some of my friends about this. None of us have planned what we would want to do for our own wedding. I like the museum thing though. It’s giving me some ideas for my own wedding.

  14. Hauddeus says

    Huh. I think I was there. Or maybe there are just a lot of great nerd couples out there. :)

  15. Moky says

    Wait until you’ll get the, “When will I get grand children?” talk.I had that talk when I was 15.

  16. says

    Cool idea. Put a veil on Sue the T rex.A friend took her dad’s offer of giving them the money that the wedding and reception would have cost for them to do as they wished. They put a down payment on a house and had their reception in it.

  17. Vanessa says

    You would get married in a museum, yet you call Ben and me nerds for wanting to get married on pi day. Sheesh!

  18. LS says

    Watch it? I’m going to make clear right now that since this was MY idea, if anybody approaches Jen about making this show, it’s a condition that *I* be allowed to be the subject of an episode.Edit: By “I” I of course mean “Me and my Girlfriend.” I wouldn’t want an episode where Jen planned a wedding ceremony for only me. That would be…kinda gross.

  19. LS says

    My sister is currently planning her religious wedding in a large cathedral. They are pretty damn strict, I’m afraid. Long lists of rules like “no photographers in [list of places]”

  20. says

    That’s a brilliant idea. I bet they wouldn’t really let a couple within/under the giant bones, but if they did, that would be just about the best wedding location ever.I’ve always liked the idea of throwing a surprise wedding — inviting friends over for a time travel movie marathon or something, and then surprising them with a wedding midway through the evening.

  21. Sinbad says

    And awkward when you fight with yourself over some of the decorations. And surprise yourself with the vows you wrote. And dance with yourself at the reception…What kind of wedding could you plan around a double monacle theme?

  22. Sinbad says

    Haha, that’s an awesome idea! Tell people they have to dress up in some theme then have them be part of the wedding. I’m sure my boyfriend would love that idea also.

  23. says

    Married in a museum…that would be so incredibly, wonderfully awesome. I would do my champagne toasts out of labware like…flasks or beakers. At the reception everyone would do shots out of graduated cylinders.

  24. WingedBeast says

    “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here beneathe the the staring skull of a tyranasourus rex and within the chest-cavety of a Brontosaurus to witness the union of this geek and this nerd…”Makes me want a wife just to have that kind of wedding.

  25. says

    Makes me think it’s a shame that, for a Quaker wedding to be legally binding and everything (in the UK), it has to be in a place used regularly for Quaker Meetings for Worship… rules out cool locations, and leaves you pretty much with Meeting Houses and some places in universities…

  26. tacticus says

    My Sister got married at a local wildlife park in Alice Springs an act that i do now believe i need to copy

  27. says

    I would go with the babylon 5 Theme but i would not do the centauri thing….I would do it in the babylon 5 uniforms that they wore when Sheridan Seceded the station from EarthGov. . the black ones i mean.. sry i am a B5 fan big time i seen every episode there is including the movie and the rangers series

  28. Robert the Skeptic says

    Seriously, I bet you could rent the Creation Museum to have your wedding in… that would be totally cool if all your friends and family attended. I’m guessing they would probably waive the charges.

  29. LS says

    I dunno, Jen is the wedding planner.I’m thinking that, to make my girlfriend happy, the whole thing should probably be very steampunk. So most of the gentlemen will be required to wear at least one monocle, I imagine. I, of course, will be wearing double monocle, all the way across my eyes.

  30. TechSpoon says

    We did have my prom at a science center in Durham (NC). Course I went to the NC School of Science and Math, so we were all nerds. It was awesome :-) we got to play with the exhibits in our fancy dresses.

  31. says

    I was at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman, Oklahoma recently and there was a practice wedding going on. They were having their wedding in the Museum, my girlfriend and I thought it was very awesome.

  32. says

    I have my boyfriend 99.5% of the way talked into getting married at the Boston Museum of Science if we ever end up heading that way. Everyone in my (very non-science-y) family thinks it’ll be quirky and great, except for my little sister who I think wanted to die of shame when I told her.

  33. Haley says

    I went to 7 fancy dances in high school (4 winter formals and 3 proms) and 2 of them were in museums, one was at sea world, and one at the zoo. It was cool because I hate dancing and socializing, so it gave the nerds a chance to have fun.

  34. Haley says

    My boyfriend and I have pretty much decided that we would get married somewhere in Balboa Park in San Diego and have the reception in the kid’s science center with all the cool sciencey hands on exhibits. As for the ceremony, the natural history museum has a large hall with a animatronic t-rex at the end of the hall, which raises it’s head and roars when you walk by.

  35. Sjbmouse says

    My daughter worked at an Art Museum on a University campus. There were many weddings there. sjbmouse

  36. says

    I got married in a cave – which is also a dance hall. My mom and I toured it at one point before the actual wedding and learned that it had been the location of a speak-easy during the prohibition, a hang out for major criminals, the location of a possible murder, and was supposedly haunted by ghosts. Needless to say, my conservative Christian mother didn’t enjoy that too much, and spent the rest of the time up until the wedding trying to convince us to have a proper “spiritual” wedding in a church. We ignored her, and I still think it’s one of the coolest places to say I got married in.

  37. Skywalker says

    I think I know exactly what cave you’re talking about. I knew you could book it for receptions. Did you have the ceremony there too?

  38. Kuhn_ian says

    We actually rent out our science museum for wedding receptions. We have a policy about no religious ceremonies (had a native american exhibit…they wanted to bless it…the Christians got really upset about it and protested…so we made a rule)

  39. Jade_nikole92 says

    I don’t plan on getting married either. Doesn’t make us future cat ladies. Ignorant people.

  40. Callfrancese says

    My reception – The National Aquarium in Baltimore – drink and food stations on every floor (5 or 6) then to a large room overlooking the Baltimore Innerharbor with all the holiday lights blazing. People still talk about that 26 years later. I think zoos or aquariums are more attractive because the exhibits are more interactive.

  41. lachrymosa says

    Poseidon was the god of land and sea, anywhere man can go outside of aerial wedding will be blessed by him, that’s assuming you present the proper sacrifices of course

  42. Holly says

    It’s sad. I want to like you, but stuff like this screams “NOBODY GETS ME I’M LIKE SO UNIQUE”.

  43. Noch says

    It wasn’t just the officers who wore red coats. Many of the regiments in the British Army wore red coats. Have a look at Zulu some time and you’ll see everyone is wearing a red tunic.

  44. Khristos says

    No, he wasn’t. He was god of the sea, storms, and earthquakes. So unless you’d like to marry in an earthquake, the sea seems like a good idea.

  45. says

    Wikipedia: “Poseidon was the god of the sea, storms, and, as “Earth-Shaker,” of earthquakes in Greek mythology.”For the future, it’s OK, you can say “I think” or “If I remember right.” Nobody will think less of you. But presenting something as a fact – try to refrain from doing that until AFTER you’ve spent 15 seconds checking a credible source.

  46. Scorysto says

    I had a Friend that did got married under at a museum this summer. It was as cool as you thought it would be.

  47. Natalie says

    A friend of mine got married in the main dinosaur exhibit of our natural history museum. And their cake said, “Thanks to the dinosaurs”. Their first date was to a dino exhibit.

  48. Ceau1234 says

    Wikipedia: “Poseidon was a figment of ancient imagination and not actually the “god” of anything.”For the future, it’s OK, you can say “I made this up,” or “facts on Wikipedia are the same as bullshit.” Nobody will think less of you. But claiming that you are more relevant than someone else because you parsed out some little factoid more than they did – try to refrain from doing that until AFTER you’ve considered if someone might sarcastically make fun of you.”

  49. Tts98thu says

    It’s not even like there’s anything wrong with not wanting a wedding or wanting it at a non-traditional place, because that kind of thing is getting increasingly common. But this wasn’t a funny story. Set it up by saying “oh hey if I got married this is what I want” but the whole dialogue formula made it pointless, because there is no extra information gained other than that her mom disagrees with her. The “punch line” here is just her saying she pouted that her mom disagreed. That’s not even funny.

  50. Kitwench says

    There are many beautiful older churches that have been outgrown by theor congregations and are now in use by wedding planners as on-site locations – the settings are perfect for what you describe and no religion required!

  51. Kitwench says

    Just remember when you plan your dream wedding – is it about your dream vacation or your dream wedding?Cousin of mine decided to get married in her dream location- Disney!She would not back down despite the fact that most of those invited could not afford the trip , and was very upset that “no one cared enough to attend”.

  52. Atstrum says

    Wikipedia is actually a fairly accurate site, because there are people that spend all day scavenging it for incorrect information. You and that other guy stop being asses.

  53. Rksmith18 says

    My bad. Apparently Irwin Allen had nothing to do with this shipwreck of a movie. However, Shelly Winters kept it afloat until the survivors could be rescued.

  54. Dgilby says…Came across this blog on StumbleUpon. By a bizarre set of circumstances, I actually work at a natural history museum in nearby Vancouver that indeed hosts weddings and other events under a 25-meter blue whale skeleton.

  55. nancy says

    I can’t believe I have wasted 20 seconds reading this and even more I can’t believe I have wasted another 20 seconds writing about it…

  56. Kimmykat91 says

    A Natural History Museum? That would be totally awesome. History is cool. :D I’d probably do it if my future fiance loved the idea. But I’m having my own nerdy wedding one day, HP all the way. And I don’t mean Lovecraft.

  57. says

    Have you seen the Natural History Museum in London? It’s easily the most beautiful building in the city, looking like a cross between a cathedral and a Victorian railway station? The central hall of the life galleries would be an excellent spot for a wedding.TRiG.

  58. says

    That would be super cool.  So cool in fact, that I might think of doing something similar when it comes to renew my vows (just for the party, you understand) in anni year 20.

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