The rumors aren’t true!

Of course I’m not replacing PZ at ScienceBlogs! It’s like the person writing this article completely fabricated the whole thing. Journalism today, sheesh.

I mean, just think of the logistics. What would I post photos of every Friday, types of kangaroo rats? An army of adorable rodents doesn’t have the same power as an army of cephalopods. And would I have to grow a beard? See, it just doesn’t make sense.

Well, except for the last paragraph. That’s totally true.


  1. Erp says

    Don’t need to stick to kangaroo rats. Think capybaras, chinchillas, guinea pigs, squirrels (and why do so many universities have black ones), beavers, etc.

  2. says

    squirrels (and why do so many universities have black ones)

    Because a university campus is a good place to go through one’s Goth phase.

  3. says

    if i were you, i would post pictures of Mario every Friday. Maybe every now and then Luigi in the interest of equality.Blaghagula has a nice ring to it, by the way!

  4. says

    But he did fabricate the whole thing. It’s written write there in the link. (“Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.”)

  5. Cygore says

    Thanks for the link. In the story, the idea is that you would be one the anonymous bloggers that would blog under PZ Myers name. Then the readers would have to guess which post was really written by you.Hopefully the problems will be resolved at ScienceBlogs and PZ will get back to blogging.

  6. says

    That article had me rolling on the floor. :DMy favorite: “we’d like to find a way to draw his traffic into our new BP Environmental Science Blog without compromising (Myers’) marketability, I mean credibility.”

  7. says

    The article is hilarious fiction… especially the phone conversation with your mum in the background. That made it much easier to see as fiction, somehow, because I can’t imagine your family being so stereotypical.

  8. says

    Please don’t insult journalists by comparing them to tabloid “reporters,” although the Enquirer has gotten some pretty sweet scoops lately…

  9. Gyeong Hwa Park says

    What do you mean Jen? An army of rodentia is equally as cool and menacing as an army of cephalopods. Plus the rodentia can come on land!

  10. the_Siliconopolitan says

    What would I post photos of every Friday, types of kangaroo rats?

    Don’t be ridiculous!You’d post copulatory plugs, of course.I’m still waiting for PZed to start taking over other people’s blogs at random.

  11. Dae says

    I just finished my last stint of living-with-my-family-before-grad-school purgatory a week ago… I know the feeling! (To the bit about the last paragraph being true ;) )

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