Watch me on BBC, Canada AM, WGN, and CNN!

Boobquake is almost upon us, which means the media is super interested in covering the end of the world. I just thought I’d let you know what shows I’ll be appearing on in the next twenty four hours, since they’re… uh, kind of huge. And if you need more motivation to watch, yes, I’ll be showing cleavage – at least as much as is appropriate for TV.

11:10 pm WGN Radio Chicago – The Nick Digilio ShowAudio here!

In the morning in your part of the world – BBC World Service – The World Today

7:00 am Canada AMVideo here!

9:00 am WGN Morning News

5 – 7 pm CNN – The Situation Room (I swear to FSM I’m not making these things up)

I’m also being interviewed by The Young Turks tomorrow night at 9 pm, but I’m not sure when it’ll be online.

For those at the epicenter of boobquake (West Lafayette, IN), we’re going to have a meeting on campus mainly so news outlets have something to videotape (information here). I know that Fox59 Indianapolis, WRTV6 Indianapolis, CBC TV, and WLFI Channel 18 will be there, and who knows who else. I also know that BBC Persia will be covering boobquake, with footage of the gathering in Washington DC and interviews with me, but I don’t know when it’ll be on. Keep an eye out for all of these things!


  1. says

    Gosh, I’d love to, but I definitely don’t have the money for a plane ticket, hotel room, and conference fees. Heck, I don’t have the money for just one of those things =

  2. says

    Will we get clips of the interviews here? The only channel I watch out of that lot is BBC World, but not in the morning, I have work to do. Post the Compleat Interviews. Or, as John Stewart might put it, “Our moment of Jen”.

  3. Sili says

    You don’t think you’ll get an invitation and VIP treatment by now?I think that by now there are a coupla unis that are kicking themselves for not taking you in as a post grad. Or at least they should be.

  4. says

    Bloody flippin’ Jen, you a one woman wonder! If you want to raise funds to attend a conflab, why not be mercenary and set up a Firstgiving page. Two ladies from a UK museum raised money for a trip to Denver to present their paper on social media in fund-raising, so why can’t you?How many here would donate $10 towards Jen’s conference fund?I think I can afford 50 cents!

  5. Greg23 says

    I was going to contact you about this after the boobquake hubbub died down. I know Randi personally reads his e-mails (at least he used to) and I was going to ask you if you would be receptive to another ‘nomination’ (where’s that Skeptic Trump card?). I’ve been to all the T.A.M.s except 2 and know the layout. I think you would be good for the Sunday paper presentation even though at this late date they may have already been selected. Because boobquake went international I think they would be receptive to having you speak – if there’s room. I’ll get back with you next week.

  6. says

    …If they actually wanted me to come, I may be able to scrounge around and beg for money. I’m not sure if I can convince to give me money to go to something in Las Vegas, haha.

  7. says

    Jen,Please document everything you do on TV. If you can, get the feedback from the audience to determine how well you are perceived in public. This information is important for us to market atheist related products and services, e.g. websites, T-shirts, books, games, souvenirs, etc…Also, we need an atheism strategic room to discuss this. ;-)

  8. Greg23 says

    You would LOVE it. If we can work this out, find a way to get the $$. Sell your soul to the…. oh, never mind.

  9. Lencyclopedie says

    There is so much stuff here on Boobquake that it is quite possible that somebody has already pointed out that Cristopher Ryan who writes the “Sex at Dawn, Exploring the evolutionary origins of modern sexuality” blog on “Psychology Today” has written on “Why Do Breasts Mezmerize? What explains the transcendent power of breasts?”, and, needless to say, begins with Boobquake…:) But if that is not yet common knowledge, here is the evolutionary perspective on the power of these earth-shakers:

  10. says

    How sad that someone like you gets this media attention while the women and men in the Muslim world are struggling for human rights, are not getting any attention. Your idea is incredibly silly. The porn industry is a trillion dollar industry so there is no need on your part to do this stunt.What would be more productive is if you read Robert Dreyfuss’ “Devils Game” and discussed it with your classmates and professors and speak out against the long history of USA funding and collaborating with extremists, dictators and kings

  11. says

    “Your idea is incredibly silly.”Blaming women for dressing “immodestly” and thereby tempting men, thereby causing earthquakes–that kill hundreds to thousands some times–is just as silly. Head out of ass please.

  12. says

    Randall,It’s supposed to be silly. It’s not serious activism- Jen has said that so many times. And it’s not like she intended for Boobquake to become so massive. And what’s with the whole porn thing? This is about some women showing a little bit of skin, not having sex with strangers in public.Pull that stick out of your ass and laugh a little.

  13. Pablo says

    JenWhile the leadup has been fun, I really hope you come at those interviews with the spirit it deserves. This is absolutely a silly response to a silly comment. The only difference is that the person who made that comment was actually serious. That is the story here, not you. Maybe, just maybe, you hope that this action will raise some awareness of the idiocy that is going on in the world. There are people who actually think that earthquake is caused by women’s immodesty. Wake up! As you said, this is lunacy that deserves to be mocked. Turn that spotlight that comes on you around, and focus it on the idiots.I realize that you are going to have to give the media a show of some sort, but wouldn’t it just be grand if they all showed up on campus tomorrow to find…no big deal. Yeah, there are some women dressed in provocative ways, but they are all going about their business, going to class and doing what they are doing. What do people expect? A vuereristic show?

  14. says

    This is the kind of thing that shows how a powerfully posed argument can reverberate through a blog. Wonderful stuff. Of course, this is also the same sort of immodesty that will send the Christian fundies around the bend too. So it’s a twofer.

  15. says

    If they do invite you, I’d be happy to donate $10 to the cause. It’s the least I can do for the entertainment you’ve provided me for the last year. I’m sure there are others here who feel the same.

  16. Quester says

    Jen, you are giving all the proceeds of the Boobquake shirts to charity. If you get invited to TAM to speak, let us know how to donate in order to get you there. Seriously.

  17. Lycanthrope says

    I would just like to share with the world that when I went to the Canada AM video, the ad on the page was a McDonald’s ad that read, “Get your hands on the perfect morning pair.”Too perfect.

  18. says

    You’ve just been officially recognized on WFMT, Chicago’s classical fine-arts radio station. The announcer didn’t actually say Boobquake, because, well, we are dignified around here; but he did say what it was about, and to celebrate played a recording of ‘The Dance of the Seven Veils’ from Salome!

  19. Bleyddyn says

    Thanks! I have heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but all my brain could come up with for FSM was finite state machine.

  20. Dave says

    In which case you must be a first time visitor to this blog! Jen never meant for this to snowball so big, it was just a throw away comment in a blog entry a week ago. And anyway, I suspect she is going to have far more than 15 mins of fame.

  21. says

    Jen,My friend Karen and I went to Dupont Circle in Washington DC for the rally. As I’m sure you heard, there were about a dozen girls and two dozen reporters from radio, TV, and newspapers from around the world. A number of reporters that interviewed (more like swarmed) said that they were going to be broadcasting the interviews in Iran.We articulated ourselves the best we could but some of us stutter and we’re sure that it won’t translate well. (lol)Overall, none of us were prepared for in depth interviews so we hope we did you proud for what you see of us in DC. We really tried to put this all in the proper spotlight it deserves.Props are also due to Amanda Willis who was very well spoken. I’m sure you will see her on some interview somewhere.

  22. AmandaWillis says

    Thanks for the props, Kimberly! It was amazing, I’m so glad I got to speak on behalf of this, and I hope that we were able to do more good than harm. It was certainly interesting to reflect on the fact that dressing “provocatively” in public in the middle of the day was something we can do whenever we want, and made me feel incredibly lucky to have been born here.

  23. Pibble says

    Just watched your Canada AM interview (since I’m Canadian) and you were absolutely charming! Yay for you!My jaw dropped when I saw the ad beside your video on their website, though – a McDonalds’ breakfast deal ad that said “Get your hands on the perfect morning pair.”

  24. says

    And, in the words of boobquake organizer McCreight: “I’m a firm believer that when someone says something so stupid and hateful, serious discourse isn’t going to accomplish anything – sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile.”Apparently, Mr. Jones has a defective light-hearted mockery gene. This may be a terminal condition.My showing a bit of old man cleavage probably had no effect on earthquakes. A trench coat would be more appropriate for tsunamis. I decided to give the extremists, dictators and kings a free pass and just ridicule extremist dictatorial imams. Clearly, I will burn in Hell for this atrocity. Or, in the words of Sergeant Hulka, Lighten up, Francis.

  25. says

    Well, it is CNN. Their medical expert, Sanjay Gupta – a neurosurgeon – keeps trying to pretend that brain death is a reversible condition. It isn’t Science Network News.

  26. Karen Daily says

    Al- this event was meant to raise awareness for the plight of the women in Iran and around the world who are not only limited by what they can wear but by what they can say, do or even THINK. Breast cancer awareness is extremely important to me, but this event had a very strong purpose already.

  27. says

    Hmmmmm, well this is a great way to get people’s attention and let’s face it “boobs” tend to get attention; but the more serious underlying issues are brought to light even if the initial reason for checking it out was breasts. I for one applaud Ms. McCreight; it would be good for others to also check out the brainquake effort but Ms. McCreight seems to be an ideal candidate for both efforts as she has both boobs and brains in spade. Thanks for brining much needed attention to oft neglected topics: the absurdity of fundamentalist religion and the assault of reasonable thought/science.

  28. says

    Thanks For Supporting!! Yeah!! We’re certainly nowhere near as uptight about swearing and nudity as the US. Cable TV has been here forever, and to be honest I’m not even sure what, if any, distinction is made between network, cable, and specialty channels. CBC, CTV, and Global are network stations, but we also have independent channels that are somehow affiliated with networks and independent ones which aren’t.

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