Mike's Birthday Puzzle – Clue #2

I just received an email from “Jnnfr Mccrght” – my name without vowels – from a gmail account that was obviously created by Mike. Here’s the message, no edits on my part:

Subject: X

a congress has senators
a parlament, owls
sooner or later
you’ll need to buy vowels
until that time comes
don’t over-think it
if my puzle is a cocktail
i wouldn’t yet drink it
but these index card clues
into your brain they’re tearing
i have a fish in my ear
so i have trouble herring
but don’t worry about them
if they make you bemused
in a few days or so
you’ll be even more confused
so until that time comes
prepare for what it’s in store
i should be a nice guy
but to confuse you some more:
i’m now eating my words
with a knife (not a fork)
wish you were here with me
in chapaqua, new york

Translated, I think it means “I think it’s hilarious how all of you people are over thinking things, wait until I send you real clues.” Of course, I’m still over thinking things, and noticing how Parliament is missing an “i” and puzzle is missing a “z.” Hmmmm….

EDIT: Got a follow up email:

“In the 7th-to-last line, “it’s” should be “is.” It was a genuine grammatical error and should not be considered a hint toward anything (seriously, my friend).

–Mr. Puzzle”


  1. says

    Red herring = don’t pay attention to the clues yet, because it’s a “cocktail you wouldn’t drink yet,” meaning it’s not fully mixed.That’s my take on that part.

  2. says

    Wait, there’s more clues? ARGH! Wouldn’t have wasted my time yet if I’d realized that.Of course, like Jennifer, now I’m wondering if there’s clues in this puzzle.

  3. Tyler says

    And Chappaqua is missing a “p”, so add that to the “i” and the “z” to get… zip. Which really isn’t better than nothing.

  4. Nick says

    The zip code for chappaqua,ny is 10514, which is broken down is 10-5-14 or J-E-N. Now bring on some more torture!

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