I'm an equal opportunity nerd offender

And for those of you who think I may have it out for Star Trek, you should know I’m almost as stupid about Star Wars. I still have yet to see the three original films in their entirety. It’s one of those things where I’ve seen all of them through bits and pieces over about a 15 year period, but I have no concept of how they go together and I’ve forgotten the majority of it. To show my ignorance, I will admit the girl in the following video has a MUCH more coherent grasp on the movies than I do. Now that I’ve covered my bases and offended my entire readership (and lost my Geek Card), watch the hilarious video:


  1. says

    Jen, are you me? Seriously, I thought I was the only one in America besides toddlers that didn’t know anything more about Star Wars than the Family Guy version.

  2. Introbulus says

    You do not lose your nerd card for that. In fact, you gain 500 Nerd points. Because that was awesome in ways I cannot even describe. =) Interesting to note: She actually got PARTS of it right…she definitely got the last two movies out of order though, but she’s still sort of a little bit almost got an understanding of Star Wars.

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