Origami: Doxie pair

Two attached dashchunds

Dachshund, designed by Yara Yagi

I made these dachshunds as part of the local origami club, and I love them.  I made two, and they immediately reminded me of the two dachshunds that my aunt owned, one light-haired the other dark-haired.  Those dogs always seemed attached at the hip, and were rather codependent.  So, I decided to attach these two at the hip.  I don’t remember how I did it, something to do with pulling out excess paper hidden inside the models.

My mother has owned dachshunds all her life, so I gave these to her as a gift.  Happy Mother’s Day this month!

(For those who didn’t know, “dachshund” is the spelling, but it’s pronounced like “doxin”.  They may also be called doxies or just weiner dogs.  I grew up with these dogs but it took me forever to learn how to spell their name.)


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    I saw a cute children’s book at an antique store once with a German shortening of the name: “dachels,” if I’m remembering that right. Book’s title was “Oh diese Dachels!”

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