Origami: Orb


Business Card Origami Orb, designed by Jeannine Mosely, with modification by me

This model has instructions online, and is one of the easiest curved-crease models to create.  It just requires six business cards or some other card stock paper, and some means to draw circles.  The instructions suggest using a compass or a template, but I just used a poker chip that I had on hand.  Once you draw the circles, you should score them, which can be done by pressing hard on a ballpoint pen.

poker chip and circular outlines on paper

This model was created during a period where I was very interested in trying curved crease origami–it was the first one I tried, I think.  Most curved crease origami is not this easy, but the general procedure is usually the same.

I modified the original design by including colored inserts.  I’m not sure it’s an aesthetic success, but I like the classic purple/white/gray/black color scheme.

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