Senator seeks to “protect” churches

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Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) plans to introduce a bill Wednesday that would prevent the Obama administration from pressuring churches into recognizing gay marriage.

Yes, it’s very important to “protect” churches from having the president violate the First Amendment in ways he has no intention of doing. And while we’re passing frivolous, grandstanding laws, why not also pass a law protecting women and babies from Republican cannibalism? Yes, I know that doesn’t exist either, but you do oppose allowing Republicans to commit cannibalism right? If we’re going to protect things that aren’t in any danger, let’s at least be comprehensive.


  1. timberwoof says

    The charitable explanation is that the politicians who say this kind of thing are ignorant dumb asses who need some tough love with a clue-by-four.

    I think these dimwits can’t imagine a church that would do gay weddings, and in their low-ceilinged minds the only way a gay couple could get truly married would be to browbeat the pastor into it. They see gay marriage as a political act, not one expressing personal and family commitment, so it makes perfect sense to believe that a gay couple would enter a hostile environment with the intent to provoke the authorities.

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