Chick-fil-A fighting back with fake Facebook accounts?

Here’s an interesting development. A post on FailBlog is suggesting the possibility that Chick-fil-A (or their designated PR firm) may be creating fake Facebook accounts, complete with stock photo profile pics, in order to try and make it look like they stopped carrying Muppet kids meal toys out of safety concerns, instead of losing access to them due to their outrageous bigotry. If true, that’s a “brilliant” PR move.

Consider the source—FailBlog is not exactly known for rigorous journalistic standards—but the screen shots are at least amusing.



  1. says

    That doesn’t seem to bother the religious crowd any. No mention in that thread at all about the facebook stuff. Just how glad they are that all their like-minded people are going to that place now.

    Aren’t there real problems to worry about than what goes on between consenting adults in their bedrooms?

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