So will Christians quit using the Internet now?

This strikes me as mind-bogglingly welcome news:

Google is stepping up its activism on gay rights issues in nations with anti-homosexuality laws on the books, a company official announced Saturday as he kicked off Google’s new “Legalize Love” campaign.

The campaign will focus on countries like Singapore, where certain homosexual activities are illegal, and Poland, which has no legal recognition of same-sex couples.

Whether this is motivated by genuine humanitarianism or crass public relations, Google deserves major props for recognizing which side is the right side to be on, and for going beyond the passive approach of standing on the sidelines and nodding their heads when people talk about gay rights.

Now they just need to set up a PC recycling program for all the conservative bigots who will be throwing away their computers now that the Internet has come out.


  1. samoanbiscuit says

    It’s even more extensive than that, Apple’s CEO (Tim Cook) is gay, and both they and Microsoft have donated quite handsomely to LGBT charities in the past. This whole “boycott LGBT supporters” meme is hilariously stupid, because if they did, they wouldn’t have two computers to rub together.

  2. mikespeir says

    But…but if they get rid of their computers, they’ll quit pestering us on atheist websites, we won’t have anything to respond to, and our lives will no longer have meaning.

    Oh, hold it. We could still beat each other up over misogyny and whatnot. Never mind.

  3. Donovan Baker says

    Hearing that announcement actually made me feel like there is really going to be a change in my lifetime. Google is not king of the world, but they play a huge part in many people’s lives. That is a big deal for a major corporation step up like that.

  4. No Light says

    Oh fantastic. I must inform the haredim, there’s no way they’ll be allowed heterim (rabbinic permission) to go online now!

    No more angry defence of horrific rituals, no more unbelievable amounts of racism, no deranged idiots saying that reporting child rape is a worse offence than the actual abuse.


  5. christophburschka says

    The campaign will focus on countries like Singapore, where certain homosexual activities are illegal, and Poland, which has no legal recognition of same-sex couples.

    I guess it’s important to get rid of the biggest atrocities first, but I’d hope this effort extends elsewhere too. In particular, in order for this to be considered a serious effort, Google should definitely make noise in its biggest market (the US), where it stands to risk a lot. As reactions to the JCPenney and Oreo ads show, it will probably pay off.

  6. jnorris says

    mikespeir: I just read that you are a Supporter of Whatnot!! I am deeply offended by Whatnotism and their DIRTY LYING FLOWERPOT ilk. If you had half the brains I THINK you think I should have, then you would be a true believer in Somesuch. Go on, DENY it, I DARE YOU!!!!

  7. Southernfreethinker says

    I think it would be awesome if all the Atheist vloggers out there like AronRa, Darkmatter2525,Thunderf00t and thetinkingatheist, made videos thanking creationists for supporting gay rights. Please let me explain
    1.Google owns youtube and youtube generates ad revenue for google.
    2.Creationist use youtube to promote their worldveiw and spread it around.
    3. Creationist viewing youtube generate ad revenue for Google, who inturn use their money to support gay rights.

    I think alot of them don’t realize it and I think it would be funny if it was brought to their attention.

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