The 3 proofs of Justin Martyr

I’ve gotten out of the habit of announcing it here, but over at Evangelical Realism we’re working our way through the First Apology of Justin Martyr, just to see how ancient Christianity compares with the modern version. In this week’s installment, Justin wraps up his discussion of the many parallels between the Gospels and a variety of pagan myths, and then tries to prove that these pagan precedents mean that the Gospel alone is true. If you’re a fan of the gymnastics events at the Olympics, you might enjoy watching Justin demonstrate their mental equivalent.


  1. Magicthighs says

    The link doesn’t work, there’s an extra http:// at the end.

    I still hear the “evil demons made people write similar stories before Jesus came to earth” argument quite frequently from fundamentalist Christians. It’s simply mind boggling.

  2. busterggi says

    Apparently believers don’t realize that if there were a Satan & demons who could forsee Yahweh’s plans and proactively take steps to thwart them then that same Satan & demons can proactively thwarts Yahweh & Jesus’ plan for a second coming just by not doing what said plan requires of them (see the Book of Revelation for details).

    • F says

      Pish tosh. You’re missing the opportunity revealed there, namely to actively bring about the “Millennium”, as it were. Plots and counter-plots! Christ’s warriors on Earth! (Who get to do crazy shit because god.

  3. F says

    Seriously, though; this guy calls himself Justin Martyr? Really? Yeah, St. Justin was an apologist (I get the association), but that is a bit pompous. Or dare I say, pretentious.

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