The truth will out (no pun intended)

Remember those video recordings of the lawsuit against gay marriage, the recordings that anti-gay activists didn’t want anyone to see? They’re coming out.

Video recordings of the trial over California’s gay marriage ban should be unsealed, a federal judge ruled on Monday.

District Judge James Ware in San Francisco said in a court order that there was “no compelling” reason to keep the digital files under seal.

This is a serious setback for those who believe in the right to harass and oppress others from the safety and privacy of court-protected anonymity. In this case, however, I think the interests of society as a whole outweigh the privileges of the oppressors.


  1. says

    Oh goody! I hope somebody will excerpt some of the best bits for those of us who are a) lazy and b) strapped for time. I’d really like to see the anti-gay folks making fools of themselves, as they apparently did from the bits of transcript I read.

  2. jufulu says

    I have been following this on “The Prop 8 Trial Tracker website. I knew that a decision was forthcoming, but didn’t know that it would be today. Excellent decision, if you are going to testify about a class of people in court then they deserve to see your testimony.

  3. ursamajor says

    The real reason for keeping the tapes sealed was so the perpetrators would not be recognized when they hang out at gay bars.

  4. jamessweet says

    Eh, except it’s been appealed of course and the Bad Guys might actually win this appeal. Or they might not. In any case, don’t hold your breath yet.

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