The Amazing vanishing post

I got a really intriguing snippet in my Google Alerts mail today.

Why Christians Don’t Want Government Defining Marriage (blog)
It’s not uncommon for Christian pundits to agree with certain candidates who are conservative in a number of areas but castigate them profusely when those same candidates don’t support a government ban on homosexual marriage.

When I click on the link, it takes me to, a Christian web site dedicated to Bible study and evangelism. But the post is gone.



  1. unbound says

    No idea why it is missing. Seems to be the usual fundie nonsense overall.

    You can read what the post was here –

    The point of the article is just that if they let government define marriage, then the government could define other things in ways they might not like. According to the article, things such as marriage (as well as “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..” – yeah, he used this phrase) are defined by their invisible super being. Basically, keep the government out of invisible super being’s business.

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