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Greta Christina has an excellent idea.

I think you can be an angry atheist — fiery, furious, enraged about religion both in its theory and its practice — and have your response to that anger be to organize the atheist bowling team. The atheist picnic. The atheist sewing circle. The atheist potluck supper. The atheist blood drive. The atheist book club.

I think that is an entirely appropriate, wildly useful response to atheist anger.

The only thing I’d change is that I personally would rather see “ex-Christian” rather than specifically “atheist.” Because, you know, do you really want to go straight from “born again” to atheist? Well, ok, *I* went straight from born-again to atheist, but I mean, maybe not everybody would. And I think America needs ex-Christians more than it needs chummy [ick, terrible word choice] socialization  opportunities for atheists.

Comments welcome. Do go read Greta’s post though.


  1. Chris says

    I don’t know about everyone else but I didn’t think it was possible to go from hard core born again believer to straight up oh well I guess there’s no god atheist without going through stages.
    I personally went from Hard core born again believer to questioning believer to confused agnostic to angry pissed of at religion and the church non believer to seeking the right answers,religion is OK for others as long as it leaves me alone moderate atheist to my current state of still truth seeking but as far as I’m concerned religion is poisonous and needs to be rooted out of this world or we’re never going to make it self.
    Who knows what stage I’ll evolve into next 😀

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