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Jul 08 2014

What exactly does the right expect in Iraq?

After several weeks of media hyped fear-mongering over ISIS in Iraq, conservatives are still unable to voice a coherent position on that bloody clusterfuck and maybe we can speculate on why that is. For starters, traditional media is now coming to terms with the fact that ISIS isn’t a real life Muslim fueled super-villain destined …

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Jun 22 2014

Separating wheat and chaff

Several interesting political discussions ensued with friends over the last few days. There were a few more around because two people some of us knew passed away. One in a plane wreck, the other from cancer. Some friends like to talk politics with a real live blogger, and some of them are informed enough and …

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May 31 2014

It’s not just that everything you do is being recorded …

  If you haven’t seen the Snowden interview yet, it’s worth watching in its entirety. Or as much as you can find on the it00bz. But this post isn’t about whether Snowden is a hero or a dick. I have no idea, there are signs of both What’s interesting to a lot of us is what he has to …

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Apr 16 2014

Nothing says Freedom quite like using human shields

None dare call them terrorists. They’re just lovable red-blooded patriots who like to point guns at people to bring about political change — but they’re not terrorists! Just ask the patriots out in armed force to back up Cliven Bundy over the weekend: TPM — The Blaze, the conservative news site affiliated with Glenn Beck, …

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Apr 07 2014

Republicans open up long standing wounds in GOP

Over the last couple of days, two very different Republicans have opened two completely different faults lines in conservative ideology. Video of Rand Paul lashing out at Iraq War profiteer Dick Cheney surfaced, and Jeb Bush made the case for viewing illegal immigrants as human beings. First Rand Paul:

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Apr 03 2014

Fort Hood brings out the dumbest politicians in Texas?

The title for dumbest Texas politician is not an easy one to earn. Just for starters, we have Louis Gohmert and Joe Barton setting an impossibly high standard. But several Lone Star congress critters have come out in the wake of another senseless shooting at Fort Hood, this one killing four people including the gunman and injuring more …

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Sep 12 2013

Ted Cruz praises Jesse Helms

I don’t know if Senator Ted Cruz has come to terms with this, but he’s foreign born and is a minority. No matter how much applause he draws dissing minorities, he will always be foreign born and have a Latino surname. But ha fancies himself a good ole boy racist nonetheless, and nothing says racism …

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Sep 09 2013

The lame duck meme gets concerned trolled

The game plan on Syria seems to coalescing on getting something passed in the Senate, then bombs way. To encourage Senate Democrats to that end, sources sympathetic to striking Syria have begun concern trolling the notion that failure to approve a resolution will have dire consequences. Which is silly for two big reasons:

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Aug 15 2013

If only Al Qaeda was run by a woman

There was quite a free for all on Twitter this week. Some religious nutcase tweeting on behalf of Al Qaeda suggested using an Arabic hashtag for suggestions about how to best leverage terrorism. At which point the twitterverse erupted in a magnificent fever of trolling as the hashtag was copied and added to every kind …

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Jun 17 2013

Terrorism by the numbers

I came across this short piece in Reason Magazine online from several months ago which puts terrorism and counter-terrorism into context. It’s stark. The odds of being killed in a  terrorist attack are lottery odds or higher. What’s even scarier is how much we spend on this crap and how many rights we’ve forked over …

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