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Jan 11 2014

Fundamentalists decide what we should write, draw, say and think

My interview is in the times of India. 1. There is renewed efforts by some religious fundamentalist groups demanding your expulsion from India. Do you get a feeling of deja vu? Ans — Yes I do get a feeling of deja vu. They have been issuing fatwas against me since 1993. In this part of …

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Jan 20 2013

Religious fundamentalists disagree with each other on everything but agree on one thing!

Male-female equality is against nature, says Sunni scholar. A Hindu fundamentalist says, ‘male-female equality is against nature’. A Muslim fundamentalist agrees with the Hindu fundamentalist, says, ‘yes,you are right, male-female equality is against nature.’ If you ask a Christian fundamentalist, he will say the same thing, ‘male-female equality is against nature’. Ask a Jewish fundamentalist …

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