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Aug 03 2012

‘Islamism kills generation’. Protest against Olympic Committee for allowing Islamism in Olympics.


We demand justice for women in Olympics. Feminists have been demanding justice for women. But it seems no one likes to listen to them. Why does everybody forget the Olympic principles? • Universal fundamental ethical principles, such as: ‘Any form of discrimination [including gender discrimination] is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement’ (Principle 5) …

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May 02 2012

The London 2012 Olympics. We demand Justice for Women.

Iranian women's national football team plays in hijab, but the youth Olympic team is not allowed

Here is a list of  suggestions/demands  ‘the League of the International Rights of Women’ made. I support their ideas. What about you? ”Universality of the Olympic Charter The Olympic Games will open in London on 27 July 2012 “The Olympic Movement has always been about more than just a sporting competition” [IOC (International Olympic Committee) …

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