‘Islamism kills generation’. Protest against Olympic Committee for allowing Islamism in Olympics.

We demand justice for women in Olympics. Feminists have been demanding justice for women. But it seems no one likes to listen to them. Why does everybody forget the Olympic principles?

Universal fundamental ethical principles, such as: ‘Any form of discrimination [including gender discrimination] is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement’ (Principle 5)

A commitment to equality: ‘implementing the principle of equality of men and women’ (Chapter 1, Rule 2.7)

Neutrality in sport: ‘No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted on any Olympic sites, venues or other areas’ (Chapter 5, Rule 51.3)

Feminists demanded an end to gender-based discrimination and stereotypes. The International Olympic Committee did not protest against gender-based discrimination the way they protested against race-based discrimination. South Africa was banned from the Olympics for 21 years over its policy of apartheid. The International Olympic Committee violated the Olympic principles about gender equality by allowing countries that have anti-women-sharia laws to participate in the Olympics. It has also allowed athletes to wear veils, a symbol of oppression and to observe religious fasting that may higher the risk of dehydration during Olympic Games.

Femen, a Ukrainian feminist organization demands that the International Olympic Committee condemns violence against women in the Islamist states. Femen says that with the support of the International Olympic Committee Islamist governments actually use the participation of women in the Olympic Games to legitimize the killing and torturing of women.

Topless Femen activists Perform Anti-Islamist Olympic protest in London today. Five protesters are arrested.

How long will feminists from the West have to fight for women worldwide? Time has come for sane people living in the Muslim countries to move their butts and start an uncompromising movement against Islamic oppression.


  1. Michael says

    “Time has come for sane women from Muslim countries to break their shackles and start a movement against Islamic oppression.” – Here here, It always disturbs me when people conform to obviously sexist behaviour but its even worse when it is against their own best interests

    • says

      Actually, allowing men to be topless where women are not is not discrimination. Allowing men to be barefoot where women are not (or vice versa) would be. Of course, just be cause it is not discrimination doesn’t mean that there is a reason for it.

      When people object to the behaviour of the other side, they are often too quick to state the reasons for the other side’s behaviour. If one doesn’t like the behaviour, then criticize the behaviour. However, giving false reasons for it hurts, rather than helps, one’s own cause. Often, discrimination is given as a reason, because there are anti-discrimnation laws, so the idea is that once it is shown to be discrimination, then it is easy to get it stopped. However, if it is not discrimination, then it can backfire.

      There are also other reasons why protesting the illegality of female toplessness on the grounds that it is discrimination is not a good idea.

  2. Gorbachev says

    Any attack on Islamic values by Western people is attacked – from within the West – by “liberal”-minded Western people.

    Already, in the UK, many people have been silenced and otherwise shut out of debate by being called racist, Islamophobic, and other misused taunts.

    Only Ms. Nasrin can say such things.

    The almost abject silence of UK women’s rights organizations over issues of Islamic intolerance of freedom and women’s rights is telling.

    It’s considered “politically incorrect” to so much as say boo about Muslims in the UK, now. Ultra-conservative Muslims are mor protected for concern of multiculturalism than any minority in the UK ever has been.

    Other Western countries are similar.

    It’s interesting that most feminist groups in the UK have next to nothing to say about these issues.


    It would be islamophobic and possibly racist to admit that there’s something wrong with Islam.

    it’s even wrong to tell the world what Muslims say. if you just discuss the issue at all, you’re branded Islamophobic.

    The IOC has caved in to every demand made my Muslim extremists in these olympics.

    • Brajanarayan Mohapatra says

      You are very right, my dear.It is regrettable and shameful that many so called elites have so poor intellectually and so much they shy away from the eternal truth.The right approach is to tell right is right and wrong is wrong.But our Government and elites are patronizing wrong acts in the name of presevning multi-culturalism.We should reject all that is wrong and promote all that is right. Thank you.

  3. says

    If the participants don’t have any problem with fasting et al, there’s no point giving it unnecessary hype for being recognized as a feminist, let the participants play it their way,let them represent their country,flag,culture,,, it’s their hard work,it’s unity in diversity,it’s world brought together for some good reasons,it’s black and white…dress should not matter…

  4. Nicole says

    There is plenty to protest, but the nature of the protest in this video is not helping any causes. It has started a conversation about women’s rights in the Olympics, but the average viewer is just going to think “look at these crazy women complaining about nothing”.
    What there is to complain about is the obvious sexism with mandated uniforms, such as the women’s volleyball “athletic bikini” vs the men’s shorts and tank top. The clear discrepancy in bare skin reflects our society’s objectification of women’s bodies. Why no speedos? If the athletes chose bikinis as their uniform, I’m fine with letting them do what they want.
    Just the same, I’m fine with letting muslim athletes wear the headscarf if that is their CHOICE. Although, I am opposed to the idea of the headscarf/burka, as it’s another objectification of the female body – only that it should be hidden rather than displayed. If they want to compete in a burka, fine, but it would be a disadvantage.
    On the other hand, Sharia Law is discrimination forced upon women. I definitely agree that if a South Africa was banned from the Olympics, Sharia Law nations should also be banned.

  5. PatrickG says

    Very disturbing from the Olympics. I’m sure they would argue that applying their own standards would further isolate Islamic countries, and would have a breadth of impact much greater than that of the South African case. Not valid excuses, to be clear, just sort of thinking out loud.

    OT, It’s always sort of shocking and refreshing to me to be reminded that as much as I try, I really still have blinders on. Never even considered this sort of issue re: the Olympics.

    That was a somewhat long-winded way of saying ‘Thanks for the post’.

  6. says

    Actually, allowing men to be topless where women are not is not discrimination.

    Err…why not?

    Allowing men to be barefoot where women are not (or vice versa) would be.

    Why does changing the body part have anything to do with whether or not we can call something “discrimination”?

    Discrimination often happens when an arbitrary set of rules is set up for a specific class of people that limits their behaviour vis-a-vis the expectations set out for the rest of society.

    So, if there was no discrimination topless women and topless men would receive the same treatment. That does not happen (in most cases), therefore discrimination exists in this case.

  7. says

    I objected to the use of Dow as a sponsor. How can a company that’s responsible for the killing of millions in Bhopal be used as sponsor? But as the U.K. prime minister and so many people say — Olympics is not politics!!!!

  8. usman says

    so once again women right is being mis quoted. may I ask, how is a society made? when people socialize and follow a set of rules? if a set of people want to establish a society where women are taught to cover their head, has any body asked why is it being taught? why has no one ever tried to read what has been asked from men in THAT society? they have been asked to fare not look at any unknown woman with mal intent, they have been asked to keep their gaze low when walking pass a woman…… but why women are so protected in THAT society? because where they are not, they are raped and mal treated every second in hundreds. and you ll ask so what’s the difference in THAT society? it same picture their and I ll tell you that no country in this entire world follows what THAT religion taught…… that’s the people’s weakness, not the religion’s teachings. if at all Olympics is about ” hey come play with us but why don’t u take off your clothes and wear ones like mine!!!” then it better you shud ban all THOSE societies!!!

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