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Aug 15 2013

Remembering those days


India got independence from the British in 1947. But the independence brought the partition, based on religion. Pakistan was for Muslims. India was for Hindus. The political leaders of India believed in two nation theory. But the war between East and West Pakistan in 1971 proved that two nation theory was a wrong theory and …

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Jul 24 2013

Mid-day deaths


I learned about poverty when I learned about school children that stopped going to schools because they were not given free mid-day meal anymore. Just a little poor quality rice, and a little poor quality lentil they could get. But that was their main meal for a day. Mid-day meal was the main attraction for …

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May 03 2013



Human bones prove the first permanent English settlers in North America turned to cannibalism over the cruel winter of 1609-10. Written documents had previously suggested the desperate colonists resorted to cannibalism – but the discovery of the 14-year-old girl’s bones offers the first scientific proof. Smithsonian researchers believe the dead child became food for a …

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Apr 27 2013

Bush Library! ROFL.

Steve Bell 25.04.2013

Dec 20 2012

Losing hopes!

These stories have made me feel sad today. 1. US School Shooting ‘Sparks Rise In Gun Sales.’ 2. Sixth-grader in Utah brings gun to school to avoid Connecticut-style attack.

Dec 16 2012

‘Guns are bad, I tell you.’


Adam Lanza was intelligent, shy, nerdy, genius, goth, quiet, remote, socially awkward. He probably suffered from Asperger syndrome and some psychiatric disorders! If the US had strict gun control laws, Adam wouldn’t have been able to get his hands on guns so easily. And if the US had universal health care system, Adam wouldn’t have …

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