1. Agni_B says

    Bush acted like any other US president. Waging war abroad is a common practice .Who killed more people? Kennedy or Bush?

    Bush had to deal with 9/11 aftermath, just unfortunate to inherit that problem. World and home demanded firm action. – Kennedy did not have that burden- Vietnam war is a product of Kennedy policy, also Invaded Cuba. People have short memories and worship Kennedy

    Bush – a true friend of India. “The people of India deeply love you”- M.Singh to G Bush. I agree
    His biggest foreign policy achievement is India and the nuclear treaty

    ˜ Indian democracy is the biggest publicity scam of this century”.- Arundhuti Roy
    “India –a functioning democracy with billion people- it is SOMETHING” -G .Bush

    • Corvus illustris says

      This is not an apologia for Kennedy, whose defects became apparent all too soon. I voted for him in 1960 (I was 22) and it is a burden on my conscience, but the alternative was Nixon, who was–as we soon saw–the evil of two lessers. Internationally Johnson was a war criminal but domestically he deserves significant credit for undoing some of the residual harm of slavery.

      Bush had to deal with 9/11 aftermath, just unfortunate to inherit that problem.

      Bush inherited a functioning intelligence operation whose warnings he disregarded. What would have happened instead of 9/11 had he paid attention is unknowable, but some of the carnage in NY might have been averted.

      World and home demanded firm action.

      Nice slogan. If you could cite some firm action (a trumped-up casus belli in Iraq?) it would be helpful. There is plenty of blame to go around, but hyping the large USAmerican domestic economy and two wars fought on credit contributed considerably to the global economic crisis.

      Kennedy did not have that burden

      It’s only fifty years or so in the past–lists of the burdens that heads of government faced then are easy to find.

    • Alverant says

      W didn’t “inherit” the problem. It happened well into his watch and it could have been prevented. In August he was given a report on how bin Laden was going to strike at the US using hijacked planes. And when it did happen the first thing his administration did was try to tie it to Iraq even when the evidence pointed to the people Reagan funded (that’s the Taliban in case you forgot). Yes the world wanted action, but that doesn’t justify invading the wrong country and cutting taxes that would have been used to PAY for that invasion.

      More importantly, any mistakes Kennedy made does not diminish the responsibility W has for the damage his administration done to our nation. I’m sick of W’s defenders saying “Well X did something so it’s OK for us to do something worse.”

    • facticity says

      Bush INHERITED 9/11?… Your ignorance is only superseded by your passiveness… He, Cheney and their cronies concocted this diabolical plan which paid off in a big way for the war corporations and their stock holders while the taxpayers assumed the horendous bill… The 9/11 Commission (appointed by Bush… lol) refused to answer well over 100 very pertinent questions regarding 9/11… Too bad there are many of you still living in a bubble… Drop the mainstream media and get the true news through alternative news sources…

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