1. Dark Jaguar says

    That’s just terrible…. Frankly I’ve never actually seen a real version of something like that… While I think your log is important, I’m not sure I can stomach returning here myself.

  2. INCONNU says

    juste horrible et degueulasse ignoble et monstrueux et permettre de mettre ce genre de photo je trouve sa innacceptable!!! quiconque tu un innocent tu une humanite toute entiere !! ne comprend rien a la religion et bien sur ce n est pas l islam car l islam est une religion de paix et non de crime!!!!!

    • Samira says

      Ce n’est pas musulman. Ce sont des tordus qui se servent de ma religion pour faire des choses horribles. Qu’Allah les maudisse et les punissent. Allah wakbar.

  3. Kim Nora says

    The man in the PIcture is holding his left Index finger, Muslims say shahada with their RIGHT INDEX FINGER That guy isn’t Muslim!!! he is a terrorist >.< Muslims Loves ALLAH and Prays him five times everyday they won't kill others in HIS name! or do something Ugly so you all say There is No Allah or Prophet Mohamed :'( They are Messing Up with you guys!! to Never let you see the Right way you should walk for the rest of your life So open Up your mind and eyes! and I'm sure that Allah will show you Guide you to the best way The way that will take you straight to Paradise not only Heaven PARADISE Dears!

  4. C. S. says

    this is false. NonMuslims, please know this is not Islam. People can take a picture and write whatever they please to explain it. Get the facts! Doing this to people has nothing to do with Islam.

    • the truth says

      This is not muslim ,,because it is not human …
      There is no relation between islam and terrorism

      I feel so sorry for who went to make this things true

  5. baman says

    That isn’t what isalm tought us, other than the fact of chopping off heads returns to zaharatism in Persian religions who prays aesham and other demons, this isn’t a muslim

  6. Asif says

    if u say that Allah needs blood.then u r wrong.he is a perticular person Allah didn’t say to kill the there is so many inobedient student in a class he is also a can not blame Allah for that.Allah dont like killing people.plz dont talk like that.thank u

  7. Allah Is One says

    the islam isn’t like that you just tring to make peaple hate islam if you read the quran you will find how the quran look like ( the true religion ) and another thing the Christians is killing the muslims in every place

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