• khalid Siddiqui says

      Allah is the truth of Universe you have all rights to deny, Just for your information A muslim Never use left hand to point Allah anyway. So this guy is not a Muslim just pertaining,
      Religion is abused by people like me and you for greed and taking undeserved advantage. Please read the life story of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, madam Teresa, Abdul Sattar Edhi and tell me where they get any advantage over any other fellow human being.
      I serve Allah and can not deny the existense of my creator Who is so Merciful and forgiven. (not cruel or harsh at all)

  1. Dark Jaguar says

    That’s just terrible…. Frankly I’ve never actually seen a real version of something like that… While I think your log is important, I’m not sure I can stomach returning here myself.

  2. INCONNU says

    juste horrible et degueulasse ignoble et monstrueux et permettre de mettre ce genre de photo je trouve sa innacceptable!!! quiconque tu un innocent tu une humanite toute entiere !! ne comprend rien a la religion et bien sur ce n est pas l islam car l islam est une religion de paix et non de crime!!!!!

    • Samira says

      Ce n’est pas musulman. Ce sont des tordus qui se servent de ma religion pour faire des choses horribles. Qu’Allah les maudisse et les punissent. Allah wakbar.

  3. Kim Nora says

    The man in the PIcture is holding his left Index finger, Muslims say shahada with their RIGHT INDEX FINGER That guy isn’t Muslim!!! he is a terrorist >.< Muslims Loves ALLAH and Prays him five times everyday they won't kill others in HIS name! or do something Ugly so you all say There is No Allah or Prophet Mohamed :'( They are Messing Up with you guys!! to Never let you see the Right way you should walk for the rest of your life So open Up your mind and eyes! and I'm sure that Allah will show you Guide you to the best way The way that will take you straight to Paradise not only Heaven PARADISE Dears!

  4. C. S. says

    this is false. NonMuslims, please know this is not Islam. People can take a picture and write whatever they please to explain it. Get the facts! Doing this to people has nothing to do with Islam.

    • the truth says

      This is not muslim ,,because it is not human …
      There is no relation between islam and terrorism

      I feel so sorry for who went to make this things true

  5. baman says

    That isn’t what isalm tought us, other than the fact of chopping off heads returns to zaharatism in Persian religions who prays aesham and other demons, this isn’t a muslim

  6. Asif says

    if u say that Allah needs blood.then u r wrong.he is a perticular person Allah didn’t say to kill the there is so many inobedient student in a class he is also a can not blame Allah for that.Allah dont like killing people.plz dont talk like that.thank u

    • Rzam says

      Yet the Qur’an does say to kill. So if you say Allah did not say to kill people, was Muhammad wrong? Because he did say to kill in Allah’s name.

  7. Allah Is One says

    the islam isn’t like that you just tring to make peaple hate islam if you read the quran you will find how the quran look like ( the true religion ) and another thing the Christians is killing the muslims in every place

  8. Ondra S says

    Jestli alah a mohamed schvaluje řezání hlav bezvěrců, jsou to svině!
    Radikální duchovní jsou ty největší prasata s mentalitou Adolfa Hitlera! Navádět hlupaky v teroru ve jménu alaha je sviňárna a kdo to dělá si nezaslouží slitování!

  9. muslim says

    This is not Islam I am a true believer I hope you burn in he’ll o the people you killed SATAN. LA ILAHA ILLAH ALLAH WA MUHAMAND WA RUSULA

  10. True Speaker says

    it’s a fake image made by hypocrites.. the right hand’s index finger is used for acknowledgent that Allah is one. But in the picture above this man used his left hand’s index figure. May Allah give the guidance to you people ( Amin )

  11. avm says

    This is not for Allah. This is for someone who making his own way to live in this earth through Islam. Islam is true, But, they are not. We must worship only to Allah. While the time of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), every war was only for Allah.

  12. glotus says

    Hello everyone
    I salute everyone with respects
    I ve noticed one thing on the picture ,,it’s not about the bloody scene ,,it’s about the heary man ,,, as i know in islam people unify God with the right hand okay but in this photo the man is using his left hand ,,and a holding a knife in the right hand which is not islamic manners ,,i don’t knnow why we point every horror to islam ,,,,, he is not muslim and islam is innocent and safe from these stupid acts from stupid cowards
    ,,,well this is my fully opinion
    mes best regards for all

  13. satan says

    raisonnablement il ne vous vient pas à l’idée qu’aucun dieu n’existe ! ce sont des contes pour les petits enfants. Il ne vaut pas le coût de s’antre-massacrer pour des histoire de pères Noël.
    Savoir qu’il n’a jamais existé n’empêche pas de faire la fête pour le folklore.
    Je ne crois pas au père Noël mais je dépose des cadeaux au pieds du sapin.
    Arrêtez vos conneries, on va tous mourir, de toute façon.
    Ce n’est pas la peine de s’entre tuer au nom d’un dieu d’amour et de tolérance. quelque soit votre dieu, on sait que c’est le meilleur…pour vous.

    • emna ben ali says

      u will regret alot later about this please makeup your mind before u die and hope you come again to this life to correct your mistake

  14. d_s_k says

    Shame for those who blame each other, try to make peace PLEASE…..
    Besides Muslim-ism we are human first and you ALL are, and this isn’t humanity so i believe he can’t be a Muslim as well if he’s not human kind. Islam doesn’t teach to kill people & Allah doesn’t, those people are devils who are against Islam, who want to show you the wrong face of Islam so guys like you can believe. If you want to see the truth read Quran, there is not a single thing which will lead you to do this kind of shit. and whatever bad they did there’s no punishment in Islam like that ..
    Islam is just love and peace in itself, but you guys are made to believe this shit by wrong people,
    And Disbelievers will face Hell after Resurrection. and it’s doesn’t mater if they keep themselves blinded.
    Try to find the truth which will light your way.

  15. InsigniaSaha says

    If Allah doesn’t exist, can you explain how everything starting from big bang until now happened? Islam has nothing to do with terrorism like this. We Muslims spread Allah’s words but not like this. We teach but do not force. This is BRUTE FORCE which is absolutely a taboo even in Islam… Please understand, this is all a conspiracy to disgrace our religion!

  16. emna ben ali says

    L islam na rien a voir avec ceci Islam = salam = paix = piece
    arreter vos mensonges SVP

  17. Swapnil says

    Allah is very lovable , Allah is in heart, Allah is only one who will treat everyone on the last day when everything will be end, and he always says that you just do the things which i have sent for you through Quran-E-Pak.

    I love you so much “Allah”, he want to say only don’t destroy anyone because, you are also only one of his creature like others to whom you destroyed or killed.

    So do your best to proof yourself that you are following his way either Quayamat is no so far ,you will cry on that day and will feel guilty that you did not do that what he send through “Nabi”.

  18. Islam Direction says

    Please, if you want to show people something then be sure of it. It’s very confusing that people against Islam just search for such pictures and don’t see what America and Israel do to Muslims. Why would a Muslim cut someone’s head off then show it the people. The verse in Qur’an about cutting heads was talking about the hits of swords one time with one hit as it’s from the methods of wars only that and cutting someone’s off shouldn’t be like this. If Muslims entered a war, It’s a must on them not to kill a woman, a child, an old man, a man who can’t fight or ill, a plant, a tree. Do you (NON-MUSLIMS) have war morals like us???!!!
    If we entered a fight is only against those who fight Islam and fight us and kill people and spread badness on earth. When you didn’t have so much knowledge about it, you can’t EVER talk about it. You can’t judge people by what you see online at all, you are living in 2015 and there’s something called Photoshop, I swear to you a few days ago. I found a picture of a man putting a gun on the head of another man wanting to kill him and the description under the photo was ‘A Muslim bodyguard killing his boss because he refused to convert to Islam’. I was shocked because I can’t believe that people reached to be that shallow because of their Satans. The man who posted was even twice my age so he should search things before he speak. Do you know what is the shocking truth that can make a Muslim laugh and cry at the same time. That this picture Wallahy was from a Turkish scene and the man just kidnapped the man’s wife and I even gave him the whole picture from online and I thanked Allah that he remind me that those are actors I saw before. A Scene from a series? And accuse Muslims of it? Really?
    When people acting so innocent fighting against oppression and lies, they themselves believed the lie they are walking on. I as a Muslim don’t judge other Muslims before knowing the truth from their mouths as Malcolm X declared that media is a massive dangerous entity who can make the one who oppresses a victim and the one who is being oppressed the oppressor one. I have seen it and I am still seeing it till now.
    There’s an Egyptian example which says;
    Person 1 : Do you know that person?
    Person 2 : Yes, I know him
    Person 1 : Did you live with him?
    Person 2 : No, I didn’t live with him.
    Person 1 : Then you don’t know him..
    That simple. Start with searching for the truth from the source not from online photos, please. Allah gave us brains to use it not to follow people blindly. If you want to search about something related to your religion, I am sure you won’t go and search about it in the wrong place or in a place that fulls of hate against your religion. If you want to know about your religion then you will search in the book you are following or the religious book itself. So why aren’t you equal, why do you take some verses and leave others? Will you love anyone to judge your religion by taking pieces that is only about Jihad not seeing the verse before it nor the one after it? Of course you will be sad if someone judged your religion upon that so Be equal please towards my religion also and Give yourself a chance to read Qur’an and Know what Islam is.
    People don’t blame all Christianity by what Hitler did or blame all Jews by what Israel does. Then why all of you blame us on every faked picture, on every mistake? Islam won’t be lower or higher with your opinions nor Muslims. We don’t defend Islam because we are Muslims. We must defend everything good in this life, How can you blame us on defending the best thing ever!!
    I don’t know about this photo, and you also don’t know but I want you to look so closely to this photo then ask an expert on Photoshop as unlike you, I don’t talk blindly on things, I am not an expert in it but I believe it’s fake, Firstly. The man is making the Shehada with his left hand. I am a Muslim, and the Shehada finger is in the right hand so we have two options here, maybe he’s just another one wants to accuse Islam when he’s not a Muslim and just acting or the man’s photo was just taken and flipped to the other side maybe and maybe even this photo was about him having an Adha’s Sacrifice of just an animal or something like that?
    Ask the Photoshoper to search for the correct photo as it looks so weird between the man’s leg and the heads, I really believe the man was taken from another photo and was put OR the heads were taken from another photo and put like that.
    And if you are caring for humanity and souls as we all do even more than you wallahy. Then search and show the truth also of what happens to MUSLIMS in Burma. Show the real ugly image of other religion against Islam. Show people the kids, the women, the men and all of them are Muslims and were killed in the most hurtful way ever just because they’re on another religion. Show the truth of what America did in Iraq, Show the truth of what Israel did in Palestine. Show the most unforgiven crimes that based on real facts, Show the truth of the victims that were killed and burnt in Rabaa Massacre in Egypt…. etc.
    YOU HAVE LOTS AND LOTS AND AFTER ALL PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS FIGHT THE RELIGION OF GOD. As I remember that there’s no prophet that people didn’t fight him and said he’s a liar, a mad person, a bad person who wants us to let our religions ….etc. So when the Prophets themselves were fight in the religion, Who are us to complain? Alhamdu le Allah and May Allah lead you to the right way, Ameen.
    A person who has nothing but his religion #Islam. #Peace & #Surrender_To_Allah

    P.S : Fear the day you will meet him when you say such a thing about Allah, when he was the one who created you from nothing, gave you all the things you have then you take about him like that?!! It’s such a shame. Search for Allah in his book not in his sinful servants like me and everyone else. Take the good from me and say this goodness just because that’s a Muslim and take the bad from me as it’s from Satan and from my sinful soul and Allah know best. Thx

  19. Amna says

    I just want to say stop being such a jerk if muslim r very strong enough they would never let this happen this picture is created to just show muslim down btw all the crated of picture goes to American and jews

  20. quest says

    If you change the people with George Bush picture, then the death heads not only 5, but more than 5000000 heads…..

  21. Hussain says

    Muslim is he who follows the commandments of ALLAH

    ALLAH command is –
    One Murder is Equal to the Killing the Whole of Humanity

    “Whoever slays a soul, unless it be for a manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:32)

    All the believers are sons of Adam (a.s.) and brothers to one another. One who kills another person perpetrates a great evil and instigates a feeling of malice, revenge and hatred among people.

    Note :- don’t spread falsehood without knowledge

    Reminder :- your creator is watching you

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