Mar 18 2012

The triviality of the White House press corps

The Daily Show takes to task the White House press corps for their focus on trivial trash-talk politics while ignoring the important issues that are right under their noses.


  1. 1

    Mano, most Americans (conservatives and liberals) like their President being able to kill “the bad guys”. If one of the “bad guys” just happens to NOT be a bad guy, chances are it is some darker skinned Muslim in a robe and head scarf so it is no skin off of “our” nose.

    To get action on that issue, you need a potential Timothy McVeigh being preemptively killed…and turns out to be a genuine “good old boy” or even someone with money.

  2. 2

    Wasn’t it also Jon who said ‘If due process does not mean judicial process, then what the fuck DOES it mean ?’

  3. 3

    Due process: When the president pinky-swears that that guy was totally a terrorist.

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