Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 22 2012

Episode 98: Presuppositional Apologetics (part 2)

According to the Transcendental Argument For God (TAG), the principles of Logic, inductive science and morality all depend on the existence the Christian God. In the second part of RD’s series on presuppositional apologetics the doubtcasters offer direct challenges to the soundness of the transcendental argument for God as well as several internal critiques of …

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Feb 09 2012

Episode 97: Presuppositional Apologetics (part 1)


Most Christian apologists attempt to persuade the skeptic by offering rational arguments  for theism. Proof of theism may be possible, they argue, but even if it is not multiple lines of evidence support the reasonableness of the Christian worldview.  The presusppositional apologetic method abandons this approach. There is no neutral ground, they say, from which the theist …

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