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Jan 24 2014

Every movie is improved by kazoos and cardboard

Those weirdos in the Twin Cities have remade David Lynch’s Dune. It’s a vast improvement on the original, but the bar was set very low.

Jan 21 2014

Turtle slander!

This entirely not-safe-for-work video purports to tell the true, scientifically accurate story of the Teenage Ninja Turtles. I don’t know — it seems to think all turtles are the same.

Jan 17 2014

I don’t even…

Every once in a while, I learn something about fundagelicals that I find simply discombobulating. Some Christian guides prescribe that a man should keep track of his wife’s menstrual cycle on the family calendar, even. I mean, I knew that these patriarchal religions were all about controlling their women’s reproduction, but I had no idea. …

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Jan 15 2014

Football doesn’t make sense to me


It’s the most boring game to watch, ever, and it’s also terribly destructive to the saps who play it. Yet Superbowl Sunday comes up in a few weeks, and hordes of people will be watching it. Why? Maybe this chart explains it all: There’s no game there! It’s mostly commercials. Maybe that’s why it’s a …

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Jan 09 2014

Jesus started the zombie apocalypse…and ended it

Don’t watch this video if you can’t laugh at grossly over-the-top comic horror with buckets of fake blood — do watch it if you want to learn the true story of Jesus.

Jan 08 2014

Who’s the nerdiest of them all?

OK, this is a disgrace. Io9 has an article on the hierarchy of nerds, and here’s their ranking: Comic book fans Toy collectors Anime fans Collectable card game collectors Jebus. How low has nerddom fallen? This is a list of passive gatherers of the obscure and silly. I’m not even going to try and rank …

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Jan 08 2014

Aren’t Canadians just adorable?

Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of Defence in the 1960s, and I now think he’s one of the reasons we’ve haven’t been worrying about Canadian Panzers rolling southward to crush the United States beneath their very polite bootheels. He explains what he really, really believes. There are about 80 alien species visiting the earth …

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Jan 07 2014

In the proud tradition of Expelled

Gosh, where do the kooks get their money? Watch this slick trailer for a fancy new “science” documentary called The Principle. There’s Michio Kaku…oh, wait, he’s always getting cheerfully dragged into woo…and Lawrence Krauss? Krauss is one of those hard-headed rational types who wouldn’t be a knowing part of any nonsense. But just watch, and …

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Jan 07 2014

It explains so much

This is a beautiful explanation of a key property of human evolution: we evolved to be catapulted as infants. I can tell, though, that Weinersmith has not had direct experience with raising babies, at least not yet, or he would have cited another significant factor: instinctive parental urges to place small children in catapults. Our …

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Jan 07 2014

True Love

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