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Jun 08 2014

I am Power-Mad Drunk on Intoxicating Power!

As many of you may know, just less than a week ago some earnest questions were asked – to the Horde generally – about gender by morgan (frequent, though apparently not current, epitheter of metaphors). morgan’s questions reduced to a more fundamental one: “Why is constructively engaging gender so damn hard?” This is something about …

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May 20 2014

Why you can’t trust Wikipedia

The entry for Chris Rodda is a lovely example of lies. By 30th of April 2014, she gave up her writing presence on Freethoughtblogs due to the repeated cyberbullying by leftist social justice activists, instigated by Freethought Blog’s own head of operations, Paul Zacharias (PZ) Myers. How many lies can you squeeze into one sentence? …

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May 02 2014

What happened to This Week in Christian Nationalism?

Many people have asked what happened to Chris Rodda’s blog. I wondered that, too — it disappeared very abruptly, without warning and without notification to all the other bloggers here. There was nothing nefarious about it, though: she voluntarily asked Ed Brayton to pull it, Ed was traveling so he couldn’t inform all of us, …

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Apr 30 2014

Adjust your bookmarks

Jen McCreight is moving on and planning to reboot her blogging at a new site, The Jenome. Sometimes a change in the environment is exactly what is needed to restore one’s enthusiasm.

Apr 27 2014

Furious at a breach of ethical behavior…by an evolutionist


I thought it was simple plagiarism, but it turned out to be so much worse. Commenter A. Noyd discovered that anti-creationist arguments posted here were being regularly parroted elsewhere, on a site called debate.org, without attribution. Jon Milne was in a debate with a creationist named Iredia, and he was getting handy rebuttals straight from …

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Apr 25 2014

You’re not following @GretaChristina on twitter?

She has 10,000 followers…she should have more.

Mar 19 2014

NonStampCollector has new digs

You may recall his too-brief stay here at FtB…he now has his own independent NonStampCollector blog.

Mar 10 2014

Around FtB

I’ve been sluggishly recovering, so let’s see what other people are doing around here, OK? Deacon Duncan examines the Christian persecution complex. Stephanie Zvan reveals that her harasser, Sara Mayhew, traces. Oooh, burn. Avicenna points out that there other ways of doing great harm to people than shooting them. Aron Ra has been engaging in …

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Feb 27 2014

Say hello to Kaveh Mousavia

Freethoughtblogs has a new addition, Margin of Error, by an Iranian atheist. His first post is up; it’s a general critique of Islam. First day here and he’s already writing stuff that could get him jailed or worse in his home country.

Feb 20 2014

Cynthia Gockley is a strong, confident woman

And that frightens pick-up artists. Just ask them. You all remember Matt Forney, right? He’s the slimy character whose post about liking women who are insecure and intimidated made the rounds a while back, and his blog is full of repellent bigotry, like his post that says fat girls are vermin and are also stupid, …

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