Apr 24 2013

Stephen needs help

In America, if you’re a wage lackey who experiences a major health problem, you’re just out of luck — the working poor get thoroughly screwed by the system. Stephen Andrew of The Zingularity is working two jobs, coming off a major heart attack, and is about to be evicted from his home. I guess his real problem is that he’s one of the moochers who didn’t vote for Romney.

He’s looking for donations to tide him over this rough spot. If you’re one of those people with a stable income and good health and a bit of a surplus…oh, hey, that’s me! I should go click on his paypal button.


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    Maureen Brian

    Done and gladly. But you really ought to have a revolution.

  2. 2

    Done yesterday. Watch the spelling of the e-mail address, folks. I sent to the wrong person on my first attempt. No “e,” no ‘f.”

  3. 3

    Must be one of those “bottom-feeders” who works for a living at two jobs that need doing in our economy, but that doesn’t pay enough that he can afford healthcare. Clearly his own fault. </Republican>

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    “Uniquely American.”

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    Must be one of those “bottom-feeders” who works for a living at two jobs

    Well, if he wanted health care, he should’ve thought of that before being born/naturalized as a US citizen.

  7. 7

    I should go click on his paypal button.

    You should? I’m sure that you actually meant to say, you will.

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    Stephen "DarkSyde" Andrew

    I have more than met my goal, none to soon as eviction would have been completed this morning. I put a diary up on Daily Kos because I felt the world needs to see how atheist saved me, while the followers and policy makers of Republican Jesus couldn’t care less.

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