Jul 26 2012

Skip Evans is gone

Well, shit.

An old pal from the days of talk.origins, and also formerly of the NCSE, Skip Evans, has died. He’s been active in the freethought community in Madison, Wisconsin, and now I really regret not looking him up last time I was out that way.

Skip was notorious for getting his hands on Kent Hovind’s Ph.D. dissertation. That’s the kind of thing he was good at: tearing up the creationists and leaving us all laughing.


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    Brother Kent’s dissertation … ah, yes.

    Thank you, Skip Evans.

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    he shall be missed

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    The Hovind dissertation is comedy gold. We will always owe Skip Evans for this signal service in establishing beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that Hovind’s academic credentials are utterly fraudulent. Thank you forever!

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    For anyone who is into self-abuse Kent Hovind’s dissertation is available through WikiLeaks.

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    Can’t read more than two pages of his dissertation….the stupid….it hurts….

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    I’ve just tried to visit one of my favourite bookmarks: the Kent Hovind website (http://www.kent-hovind.com). A whole website devoted to the Great Man. It seems to have vanished. What happened to it? IIRC it was set up by an Australian, and included a link to Karen Bartelt’s hatchet job of Hovind’s “dissertation”. The last time I looked at it, sometime after the Great Man’s incarceration, the site owner said that he was not going to continue to add anything else to the site but that he would keep it going – presumably as some kind of monument to a wasted life. It was a great site to browse if you wanted to experience the same kind of fascination coupled with prickly revulsion you get when you lift a rock & expose a swarming mass of insects, centipedes etc trying to scuttle away. I hope it comes back.

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    bummin. he was a good guy. condolences to the family.

  9. 9
    'Tis Himself

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

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    Damn. I remember that dissertation discovery so well, but I’d forgotten who did it.

    Thanks for all the good stuff, Skip.

    kangxi, kent-hovind.com is archived on the Wayback Machine. You should be able to find the “dissertation” there.

    It might be a nice project to set up a mirror of the archived site (not volunteering, sorry).

  11. 11

    sod it, my last comment disappeared. Just wanted to chime in with fond remembrances of the dissertation unearthing, and to note that kent-hovind.com is archived on the WayBack Machine.

  12. 12

    So it goes.

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    What a shame.

    I got to know Skip for only a short time in 2003/04. Skip was working with NCSE then and he was directly available to help us (teachers in the Roseville UHSD) deal with Larry Caldwell and the attempts to implement Intelligent Design/Creationism in our district.

    Skip, Genie, Glenn and all the folks at NCSE – Thanks. Skip will be remembered fondly.

    Chet Dickson
    Granite Bay HS

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    tigtog – The WayBack machine! Thanks – there the whole grisly thing is, like a hideous cadaver in a pathologist’s refrigerated compartment. (Not a perfect analogy – the site as set up by Carl Marychurch was brilliant. It’s just the ravings of Hovind which are fascinatingly repellant.)

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