Jun 15 2012

Novel fundraising efforts

Camels with Hammers is raising money for the SSA Blogathon by doing interviews, and has done one with me.

Greg Laden has written a novel, proceeds to go to SSA.

Greta Christina is posting kitten photos <shudder> for the cause.

I guess it’s working, since they’re up to $76,000 now.


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  1. 1
    Irène Delse, on dry land among seabirds

    And don’t forget Crommunist, who’s singing for the cause!

  2. 2

    Fundraising with kitties makes perfect sense. Cats are the perfect atheist companions – independent freethinkers. Unlike dogs who are perfect for the religious – slavish suckups to their gods. Oh, and two cats snuggled up together have eight legs!

  3. 3

    Greg Laden has written a novel,

    And it’s on The Congo. Any reports on cogency?

  4. 4
    Greg Laden

    I heard ChasCPeterson made a large donation to the SSA. Thanks Charles!

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