SSA Blogathon songathon: Mad World

Armored Scrum Object made the mistake of giving me a long list of songs to choose from, so I picked one I’ve been meaning to learn for a while now.

Compare this to the original here.

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  1. Armored Scrum Object says

    Sorry I took so long to check in and thank you for this; I’m not a regular reader (for reasons that are entirely unrelated to any failure on your part; I’m just reluctant to add to my regular bookmarks, register accounts, and so on, even in the face of such obvious awesomeness). I don’t think the long list approach was a mistake; I’m not a musician, and I wanted you to be able to pursue something honestly and confidently, and not just have it be me imposing my will (at heart, I’m an anarchist; sue me). You did not disappoint. Still, I feel like an idiot for not thinking of Ziggy Stardust.

    (also, for the record, my pledge was actually $327.67 (with an option to go to $655.35 courtesy of the disinhibiting effects of alcohol), but that was a blogathon-wide amount for which JT deserves a large chunk of the credit, and I was pretty incoherent in explaining it)

  2. Armored Scrum Object says

    Yes, it would, but the Gary Jules cover seemed like a more appropriate baseline for an acoustic cover. Also, despite being a classic rock fan who grew up in the 80s and still feels no shame in rocking out to Journey, Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Styx, et. al., I must admit that I first encountered the song in true erstwhile-faux-intellectual-dudebro fashion in the rightly infamous Gears of War trailer.+

  3. Armored Scrum Object says

    Shit, I take 2 weeks to acknowledge Ian’s effort, and you take 4 minutes to reply. I need to work on this commenting thing.

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