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Dec 05 2012

Dave Brubeck (1920-2012)

Wow. Dave Brubeck has died, and lives on like so very few will ever live on, in countless influenced lives and fond memories.

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Nov 02 2012

I Blame Peter Sagal

I have had this going through my head for a day now. Wonderfully. Oh, yeah, it’s part of a playlist, which I have listened to several times. And which I strongly recommend. Seriously, just clear your schedule and listen. My goodness, this is good. All because I clicked on a twitter link from Peter Sagal.

Jul 23 2012

Lobster License Plate Song.

So, in my last post I mentioned the Maine lobster license plate. Well, I found a version of the Lobster License Plate Song (video after the jump), and it turns out that it was a protest song, that got the (well, the old version) lobster removed from the license plate. Now, there is a new …

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Jun 20 2012

Kingdom and Glory

Sometimes, a song is just what you need, even if you have no idea why. I went out to walk the Cuttledog–it is record-breaking heat today, and every movement is taxing–and the first song on the randomized iPod was this:(warning: Swedish rock music after the jump):

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May 17 2012

That’s A Lot Of Wind…

I wish I could have been there to hear. Via NPR, we hear that a new world record has been set–the greatest number of bagpipers to play together at once. More, after the jump:

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May 08 2012

You Could Be Jesus!

Via Lousy Canuck, the news that a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar will feature Tim Minchin as Judas. That’s the (very) good news. The bad news? After the jump:

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Apr 19 2012

Goodbye, Levon

Levon Helm has died. On PBS.org’s “Sound Tracks”, there is an interview and a couple of videos from earlier this year. Makes me happy to see such music, and such happiness, so close to the end of his life; I have seen people his age (and younger) who seemingly lost any sort of enjoyment many …

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Mar 09 2010

“Oh Lord, we really prefer not to know”

Hello; my name is Cuttlefish, and I am a versaholic. (Hi, Cuttlefish!) It’s been just a few hours since my last “Rejected Canon” hymn (ok, a little more than a few–I did have to work, after all!), but I’ve fallen off the wagon! Another hymn it is… this one in 6/8 time, for those who …

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Mar 09 2010

“I thank thee, God, for buttocks firm”

One more from the “Rejected Canon” (I can’t help myself–they’re like potato chips–I can’t stop!). This one will be considered offensive by some who defend the nastier bits of organized religion. Consider yourself warned. I thank thee, God, for buttocks firmFor skin of alabasterFor pouting lipsEyes dark as pipsWhich rouse me all the faster I …

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Mar 08 2010

“You have to admit, this sounds pretty far-fetched”

Ok, last one. I promise. But these things are like heroin to someone like me… You have to admit, this sounds pretty far-fetchedCertum est, quia impossibile But my mem-o-ry has it indelibly etchedCertum est, quia impossibile There once was a garden, with Adam and EveAlong came a serpent, with plans to deceive—What part of this …

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