I *Told* You I Have The Best Commenters…

As a public service for those who read the posts, but don’t look at comments, I want to show off some of the songwriting abilities of commenters “badgersdaughter” and “zekehoskin”. I had invited readers to contribute their own verses to “What did you do in the war (against Christmas)?“…

From badgersdaughter:

I sent my love to the War Against Christmas,
I sent my love to the War!
It’s been cold, it’s been hard;
He maxed out our last card–
And we’ve never been maxed out before!
‘Next the half-set-up tree
I weep one bitter plea:
Will he come home to help with decor?
I sent my love to the War Against Christmas,
When will he return from the War?


Mother, I’m off to the War Against Christmas–
Mother, I’m off to the War!
Oh Mother, don’t cry–
With the angels I fly;
“God and country”, my duty I swore:
But I’m weary and sick,
For old General Nick
Left a coal in our esprit-de-corps.
Mother, I’m off to the War Against Christmas,
Mother, I’m off to the War!

And from zekehoskin:

Are you still fighting the War Against Christmas?
Are you still fighting the War?
Are you sticking your neck
Out for President Beck
And the faith that – by law – we adore?
The Earth is still young,
All the atheists hung*
And history’s really a bore -
Are you still fighting the War Against Christmas?
Are you still fighting the War?

* All right, hanged. I’m boasting.

See what wonderful stuff you miss when you don’t read the comments?

I Blame Peter Sagal

I have had this going through my head for a day now. Wonderfully.

Oh, yeah, it’s part of a playlist, which I have listened to several times. And which I strongly recommend. Seriously, just clear your schedule and listen. My goodness, this is good.

All because I clicked on a twitter link from Peter Sagal.

Lobster License Plate Song.

So, in my last post I mentioned the Maine lobster license plate. Well, I found a version of the Lobster License Plate Song (video after the jump), and it turns out that it was a protest song, that got the (well, the old version) lobster removed from the license plate. Now, there is a new (optional) design, with the same problem, as discussed in my last post–that is, the lobster is still red. Anyway, since I found a version, I thought I’d share it: [Read more...]

Kingdom and Glory

Sometimes, a song is just what you need, even if you have no idea why. I went out to walk the Cuttledog–it is record-breaking heat today, and every movement is taxing–and the first song on the randomized iPod was this:(warning: Swedish rock music after the jump): [Read more...]

Goodbye, Levon

Levon Helm has died. On PBS.org’s “Sound Tracks”, there is an interview and a couple of videos from earlier this year. Makes me happy to see such music, and such happiness, so close to the end of his life; I have seen people his age (and younger) who seemingly lost any sort of enjoyment many years before death caught up with them.

Video of The Weight, after the jump, so you can see what I mean: [Read more...]

“Oh Lord, we really prefer not to know”

Hello; my name is Cuttlefish, and I am a versaholic. (Hi, Cuttlefish!) It’s been just a few hours since my last “Rejected Canon” hymn (ok, a little more than a few–I did have to work, after all!), but I’ve fallen off the wagon! Another hymn it is… this one in 6/8 time, for those who care.

Oh, Lord, we really prefer not to know
We’ll take it on faith
No evidence needed
Lord, cognition we’ll gladly forego
And as the Lord sayeth,
His Word shall be heeded.

Knowledge is best when revealed from on high
And who’d prefer truth to a comfortable lie?

Lord, we really prefer not to know
We’ll all attend mass
And heed to your ruling
Lord, just call me enlightenment’s foe
Biology class
Is fun with home schooling!

Scientists wonder, “how ancient is Man?”
Far more important–he’s part of God’s Plan!

“In the beginning” my textbook begins
With Adam and Eve there in Eden
Knowledge is clearly the greatest of sins
The minimum’s all that we’re needin’

Lord, we really prefer not to know
Concern for our souls
Takes precedence ever
Lord, whatever you’d like to bestow
Our knowledge has holes
Still we think we’re clever

Is there a future attractive as this:
Spending our lives in an ignorant bliss?

Oh Lord, we really prefer not to know!


edited to add….

Looks like this was the straw-hymn to break the camel’s back. This was great fun, and I thank the Making Light hosts for the opportunity to write these, but I think this will be the end of it. Do read their comments, though- #80 is far, far better than any of mine; it is, in my opinion, the only verse of the lot to come close to (let alone achieve) the potential stored in the title itself. This was a wonderful little exercise, and I thank all involved.