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Sep 27 2013

My New Neighbors, The Angels Of Death.


Well… they’ve got wings and they are looking over me, anyway. I discovered this morning that I have new neighbors. I had suspected them earlier, but they keep to themselves. But less than 100 meters from my front door, high in an oak tree, is a family of turkey vultures!           …

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Jul 15 2013

The Wedding Of John And Jim

This is the story of John and Jim; Jim loves John, and John loves him; Twenty years, six months, and eleven days Already married in many ways, They finally got to say their vows With every right the law allows Just watch the story—don’t ask why… And I fucking dare you not to cry. I …

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Jul 10 2012

Wanted: Strong Demand

Update: Here’s the link to the product page. (currently they have the image mis-attributed; Mike McRae is, of course, the designer of the Cuttlefish With Quill, and I modified it for the emblem myself.) Ok, so yesterday’s “Prototype” post included the facetious note to the EvolveFish people that this is what they were missing. The …

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Dec 27 2008


Much too busy to write right now. But I thought I’d share this beautiful new Digital Cuttlefish! Now all I have to do is decide how to use it! New banner? Signature? I have to do something, so it is familiar when it graces the cover of volume 2, whenever that comes out! Any of …

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Apr 21 2008

I just love XKCD!

I want to make peace with my laptop computer;I think that its feelings were hurt.It read what I wrote–at least, that’s what I figure;Since then, it’s been rather more curt.It’s dialogue boxes are monosyllabic,I swear it’s beginning to pout.Now I’m thinking that, maybe, it’s bored in that box,So I’m working on letting it out. I …

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Mar 01 2008

My New Favorite Beauty Pageant

In the news today… Last weekend saw the 63rd Annual National Outdoor Show, complete with beauty pageant and muskrat-skinning competitions. This year, both competitions were won by the same girl, 16 year old Dakota Abbot, a lovely brunette who skinned two muskrats in one minute, forty-two seconds. The runner-up in the pageant, Samantha Phillips, did …

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Jan 20 2008

A Nautical Yarn…

Oh, my! I have found it! Ok, it’s not a knit brain or teratoma, but hey, I am not “the digital teratoma”, so I am happy as a cephalopod with a Mr. Potato Head to find this site, with patterns for knitting some of my favorite sea creatures! I am not affiliated with the site …

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Jan 11 2008


As Disney and Pixar have so often told us, The ultimate goal of a toy Is to live in the sweet, unconditional love Of a cute-as-a-bug girl or boy But the truth is, the love of a boy or a girl, Though I’m sure that it must have its charms, Could never compete with the …

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Nov 02 2007

Cute, cute, cute…

The cutest of all of the cephalopods(And thus, of all creatures on Earth)Is the cuttlefish, cuter by staggering oddsThan a puppy or kitten at birth.Attempting to list all the cuttlefish charmsIs a noble, though hopeless, endeavor;From their tails, to their eyes, to their marvelous arms–And they’re oh-so-endearingly clever!The shifting displays their chromatophores showAre delightful to …

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