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Sep 19 2013

Finally, A Pick-up Guide That Works!

“How to pick up women (with science)“, by Dean Burnett, over at the Guardian. Since the dawn of humanity, when virile men were knuckle-dragging troglodytes untouched by evolution They needed to pick up women, and looked to experts for a solution These pick-up artists (or in some special cases, artistes) Took pity on the manly …

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Sep 13 2013

“In God We Trust” vs “In God We Trust”

The motto stamped on bills and coins Is everywhere. The phrase enjoins, “In God We Trust”. Unless we wish to be so brash As just refuse to carry cash It seems we must. The warnings come, so stern and dour From representatives of our Democracy Who crow that, when with cash we pay, “In God …

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Sep 03 2013

Waiter! This Coffee Doesn’t Taste Like Shit!

I grind my coffee fresh each day, A hearty, fragrant scoop With hints of citric acid, and A note of civet poop But with the market full of fakes I might just have to quit… I mean, who wants a cup of joe That doesn’t taste like shit? Via NPR, the latest on Civet Cat …

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Jul 23 2013

Garbage! (A Happy Dog Song)

My dog was a little bit frisky As we went for our evening walk And it might be the moon, or the whisky But I swear I could hear the pup talk My pooch wasn’t sleepy, nor hungry He’s well rested, and recently fed— Well then what, of all things, was the matter? And so …

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May 21 2013

Wolf: “Do You Thank The Lord?”

It’s so annoying when tornado victims don’t follow the script, isn’t it? Wolf: “…we’re happy you’re here; you guys did a great job. And I guess you gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you thank the Lord? For that split-second decision?” Survivor: “I… I… I’m actually an atheist.” Wolf: “Oh, you are! … But you …

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Apr 09 2013

The Promise Of Spring (Yeah… Promises, Promises)


The trees are not budding The grass is still brown The remnants of snowbanks Lay all around town The flowers aren’t blooming Except one or two But there, in the distance, A brief flash of blue? There’s rain in the forecast And that’ll bring mud Some seasons are lovely But this one’s a dud It’s …

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Feb 28 2013



So today at the store, I got back 60 cents in change. All well and good, but when I grabbed the quarters to put them in the pile for de-godding, I noticed that one of them looked a little different. “In [smudge] We Trust”, it read, unless my eyes deceived me. Yes! Now, I had …

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Feb 13 2013

Running Out Of Time! (Get Your Cuttlefish Valentines Here!)

Dammit. I intended to space these out, but life got in the way. I did get to post the Evolutionary Biology Valentine (and its additional verses), but that was it. Now, all I can do (since it’s already Valentines Day in parts of the world) is a data dump. I suspect, though, that you will …

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Feb 09 2013

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

PBS asks the musical question. Turns out, I’m Rosalind (from As You Like It)! Frankly, I’ll take that as quite a compliment. (and just for the record, this is a different “which Shakespeare character are you?” questionnaire than I took a number of years ago, which told me I was… not Rosalind.) Who are you?

Jan 31 2013

To The Editor…

To the editors and readers: I am writing to respond to a letter from December; one that clearly went beyond any measure of civility in how it framed its views, so I’m writing in rebuttal, so the citizens can choose. Let me first list my credentials, and define my expertise, so you’ll know I’m not …

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